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:cry:I had my fifth weigh in today.
I know I shouldnt but I weigh myself at home and I didnt think that I had lost anything this week.
So in preparation I had my Dulcolax last night (which worked very well :eek:) and I had my shoulder length hair cut short before weigh in!
I had lost a pound! :cry: 1 *&^%ing pound
I thought it wasnt great last week at 2 and 3/4 so this week I hoped for better but nooooooooooo.
Now I didnt drink my water before and only had a cup of coffee and my shake (and had a wee first :eek:)
So what've I done wrong??
I havent strayed or cheated and even had a few long walks this week.
The lady at the chemist just told me to keep at it but then she would cos she was taking my money!
So this is why I'm completely gutted - is this usual or should I just head for the kitchen and give up??
Thanks for reading
Magsy :wave_cry:
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Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
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Im not on lipotrim but i seen this in my unread posts part!
Just keep going hun, everyone has good and bad weeks, You just have to keep at it, and remember you're obviously doing this for a reason for yourself.
Thank you ;)
Im just feeling sorry for myself
Your right I need to remember that Im in for the long run and a pound is a pound!
Early night for me and a more positive day tomorrow :)


hmmm - our bodies are crazy water holders - I only lost 1 pound this week [lighterlife]and like you had no water before weigh in and only a cup of coffee and a pack!
I have not drunk enough water so I have upped my water intake to help matters and have lost 3lbs in the last 2 days!
Hope its the same for you
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"So this is why I'm completely gutted - is this usual or should I just head for the kitchen and give up??"

I know it must feel rotten but you must stick in there!! Soon you'll find the losses coming off and adding up -you're going to be just fine. Take that early night and swing into the next week with new vigour.

stick with it ,,, i lost 2 3/4 pounds last week but this week it was 5 1/2 ,so i bet next week u will have a big loss ,, wait until then and decide
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Hey babe, don't be down! I only lost 1lb last week and less than 2 the week before. Sometimes the body needs a chance to catch up with the fast loss and no doubt you will have a better loss next week. I always get weighed first thing before anything passes my lips and I drink plenty everyday.

Hang in there hun, you are doing really well.



Peace Love Happiness
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The long walks could of built up some muscle tissue??

Don't go to the kitchen, stick with it, we are here for you xxxx
if you do head for the kitchen make sure it's just for a pint or two of water, have a lovely relaxing bath, go to bed and carry on doing what you've been doing til your next weigh in - i bet you'll be pleased next week - don't give up!!
You can do this if you were not on this diet and in the kitchen you could have been up a few pounds so keep goin glug that water down and keep goin sometimes it just takes the body a little while to catch up so keep goin and keep your chin up remember thescales are still goin in the right direction
aww... it must be upsetting...please dont give up...all your hard work will pay off you see, a low loss one week, usually follows with a good loss the following...chin up:)

I went for 6th w/i last night, only lost one measly pound too. It's a sickener, isn't it? Although I've only got myself to blame but we won't go into that.

Let's just carry on though, it's better than putting a pound on... :)
Thank you all so much for your support.
I feel a bit better today because I needed to remind myself that I did WW and would think I had a good week and PUT ON weight at least with LT a bad week is still a loss.
I dont want to be fat so I will carry on cos I am losing.
I'll let you know what happens next week and with all my water gluging and another big long - 5 mile walk today next week I'll either be a lot lighter or dead mussley!!!!
Thanks again people

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