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I weighed in tonight and put on 2 and a half pounds :(
I has once lost 1 stone 6 & a half pounds and now im down to 13 and a half! I dont know what has happened to me I used to stick to it 100% every day and not use any syns and now I find i cant say no to things!!

I need some inspiration i think :( anyone?
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I dont know what has happened to me I used to stick to it 100% every day and not use any syns
This is what happened and it was rather inevitable. You did not follow the plan properly! You didn't use your syns and they are there to make sure you don't feel deprived. You can only go so long on a restricted diet before you succomb and once you started you couldn't stop.

So my advice would be to pretend it is week 1. Go back to basics, plan your meals, write everything down and make sure you have 10 to 15 syns EVERY day.
ditto patchwork puss, back to basics, get your food diary out and get back onto it,

do you go to group? online? or on your own? x
I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but this might be the kick up the bum you needed to get yourself back on track! As the others above have said, take it all back to basics, maybe look over some food diaries you did when you first started, and try remembering what you did back then to avoid temptations. If that doesn't work, try thinking about how fab you feel stepping onto the scales and seeing how much you've lost each week - it's a feeling better than biting into something naughty in my experience!

Think of this as positive, and get right back on track. You can't change the last few weeks, but right now you can make a difference to the next weigh in :)

Good luck!


One day at a time, one step at a time
come on you can do this :D

the syns are an integral part of the diet and some syns are required for the plan to work (or thats how I understand it) You should have between 5-10 syns (some of us have all 15 - I certainly do some days)

I used to believe I was being ultra good if I had no syns but it just doesn't work like that

you've only put a little back on, get the books out, plan your meals and you will soon be losing again :D


Proud to be a LOSER :)
I tried to keep my syns between 0-5 a day... in a way i thought I was cheating the system and that I would lose a lot more weight quickly. But actually, I find that if i have more syns then my weight loss is better. Weird.
Some days I really can't stretch my syns (SW is too good that I feel fine just having HEx's and free food lol) so even just a nutri-grain bar at 6.5syns makes me feel like I'm doing okay and sticking to it. Whereas before I really wouldn't dream of having so many syns!!

Keep going. I agree with these ladies, you need to keep a diary and really be picky. Don't just dot down "mayo - 1syn" if you actually have a few tbsp's... make sure you weigh out your HEx's... drink plenty of water (could be water retention??!!) I take water retention pills during my 'star' weeks and it seemed to help this week. We've all been there. I am lucky not to have had a gain (well, not while sticking to the plan) but some ladies i've read here have and then lose 2.5lbs the next week!! persevere :) xxx