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Gym and or Exercise


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I used to go to the gym quite a lot and up until a few weeks ago was still doing 60 mins on the treadmill and then some light equipment work - anyway today I've been to the gym for the first time since starting LL and I did 30 mins on the treadmill (slower pace), a few goes on the thigh exercisers and then a pilates class and my whole body feels totally knackered but in a strange way. I feel like my whole force of gravity is pushing me down from the shoulders downwards - is this just a feeling of being worn out? What are the guidelines (if any) on LL and exercise?

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Dont know quite what you mean about feeling weird but know if I did that much excercise in one go I'd be half dead, never mind a bit shattered!
Do you think you might have overdone it a bit? Probably wise to start of easy and work your way up as you've not been doing LL that long have you & your body is prob still adjusting...I know some people do loads of excercise but think they've been SSing a while...sure smeone will be along in a minute!


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Cheers ISOM - I think the wierd feeling was just total exhaustion, just worn out ... since been out with hubby and fell asleep in his car and was well out of it he said.

Normally though I've always done more exercise than that eg an hour in the gym and then either aqua or pilates or something so maybe I just can't do as much when only being fueled by LL. You're probably right that I should start off doing a bit less and see if I can increase from there - thanks.

What is SS? I've seen it a few times but don't know what it means.

Hi-the advice we have been given is to only do gentle exercise until our bodies have adjusted to the lower calorie intake- remember that you have very little resource to draw on, so any energy you use is coming directly from your muscles. Not sure of the chemistry of it all, but as you are still very near the beginning of SSing I think you need to take it a bit easier- it may be less than you did before but it is a lot in one go. So start slow and gradually increase your exercise.

I swim 5 mornings a week and the first few times I felt like a ton of bricks was on my back- but now after nearly 4 weeks I have increased my lengths and have also started to walk a lot more. I also bought some light weights today so I can do some arm and upper body toning while I watch the TV! I am planning to do some harder gym work, but not for another 4 weeks yet.

Slow and steady wins this race!


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Thanks for that info, I guess I'll just stick to walking for a few days and then see how I feel next week before pilates.



can do it this time!
hi Cath & all

I found exactly the same thing - I was a regular gym goer before LL (even though a large one!!) and certainly couldn't do usual routine for several weeks at start of LL. In fact I stopped going altogether for a while and just went walking.

But I'm about half way into LL now and am back at gym - allbeit not doing as full routine as originally; but feeling just fab!

will be interested to hear how you get on in time to come - good luck with it all!:D


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Hi New-Me

Thanks for that info, I was a bit worried that I'd always feel the way I did yesterday while I was on LL. I really want to keep up the gym as anything that helps me tone just a little bit has got to be worth it.

Glad to hear it's all going well for you and that you feel great.


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