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Gym question

Do any of u guys go to the gym whilst on ts? My main fear when coming off this diet is not that I'll gain back but that I will be left with saggy skin. So I want to start going to the gym to do some of the more toning exercises. I've not updated my stats recently I'm currently just over fifteen stone and want to be around about ten. Is it a good idea to start now or shall I leave it till I'm down a couple more stone? On the other hand I don't want it to slow my Weightloss down.
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I think moderate exercise is fine if you are used to it. Swimming is great and a good habit to acquire. In my experience It's not a good time to start anything over strenuous, moderate is the key. Half an hour every day would be good, but drink extra water, it's very easy to get dehydrated. I swim five times a week, half an hour. It was tough at first, I was already used to swimming, but today it was fine.
I think it's worth listening to your body, when it complains! Ease back. But a little exercise really helps to tone up.


Been liberated by Exante!
Ps I am on Exante Ts. Not weighing for a month.
I've been a regular gym goer for a few years. I was about 14 stone when I started. I found in the first 2 weeks of exante TS I had no energy to exercise at all and felt dizzy when I tried.
I started going back to the gym but can not run or row for long periods (I used to run 5K). Now I just cycle gently and hill walk. I also do body pump for toning. I have cut down on exercise a lot since starting exante.
My advice would be start very slowly. Maybe a regular walk to start with if you are not used to exercise and some gentle toning - yoga maybe - although personally I hate it !!
If you have a look on the exercise forum there is some suggestion that exercise can slow weight loss on a VLCD but no definate advice.
Hope this helps.
Just to be clear when I first started going to the gym I was eating healthily not following a VLCD.
I would be very careful about doing strenuous exercise whilst on a Vlcd. We are on literally the bare minimum to keep us healthy-ish and alive, if you start adding exercise to the mix your body simply does not have the fuel (cals) to support the extra you are asking of it by doing the exercise. Our bodies are then at risk of breaking down muscle to fuel us, bearing in mind our heart is a muscle.

Saggy skin is a worry for anyone :( but exercise will not actually make to much of a difference to the likelihood of us getting it I'm afraid :( It's like a person relentlessly doing 400 sit ups every day to "tone" up loose tummy skin or to loose bulk (fat) there when in fact what happens is the muscles of the tummy underneath the skin come to be in fantastic shape but the skin/ fat has minimal change.

I am a great believer in exercise, a couple of years ago I was eating healthy and exercising and my body shape was completely different to what it is now at the weight I am at now I was actually smaller then now due to the exercise leaning me out but that's the price I pay for wanting the faster losses now.

Skin can take up to 12-18 months to catch up with rapid weight loss. Lots of water and a nice skin care routine can also help things and usually we build it up to a far worse thing in our heads then it actually turns out to be.

Wow sorry for the ramble, I blame the black coffee making me go ten to the dozen lol!


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Summerrain has it spot on... its really down to how much weight you have on, as well as genetics.

To me gym is basically impossible with TS because you simply don't have the fuel to keep you going. I had a few episodes of feeling very very ill after gym classes. If you exercise to an athletic level (700+ calories) you can actually make yourself very ill. Exante is 600 kcals per day - 700kcals in exercise... not very safe at all.

Look after yourself, your health is something you should never take for granted xx

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