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H2O How Much is TOO Much?

Before starting this diet and as soon as I saw my CDC and got posts on here..all I heard was "Water is the key..." ... make sure you are drinking plenty of water....

I was told to drink at least 4ltrs a day and that a guy similar to me doing really well was drinking 7ltrs a day.

The amount of meetings I have at work often makes it difficult to drink a lot of water during the day, can’t keep getting up and leaving meetings lol....but in my first week I managed a good 4.5 to 5ltrs of water throughout the day.

Last weekend however was a different story. Between Friday afternoon 5:00pm and Sunday night at around 8:30pm I'd drank 12, yes 12, 1.5ltr bottles of Evian....meaning 18ltrs of Water consumed in just over 51 hours.

This wasn't a deliberate thing I just drank when thirsty and tried to keep in my mind that I did have to drink at least 4ltrs.

Now. My CDC has said to not drank that volume over a weekend and others have expressed concerns of drinking that much...

But here is the irony. The drinking over the weekend did NOT make me need the toilet more, I drank 5ltrs of water on the Monday...my kitosis (can’t remember how to spell it) test on Monday night implied is was dehydrated.


Any thoughts any one?
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Dont know how much is too much really, but I was drinking over 4 litres and was getting cramp in my legs at night which apparently comes from too much water. So 18 litres would be extreme !, not sure maybe a CDC can help. Well done on the 12lbs loss by the way
Thanks for the congrats.

I've heard that the cramps can also be because of salt. i.e. the meals don't contains much, if any, and a sudden reduction in salt in take can cause your muscles to cramp...especially calfs and the like.


Gone fishing
So that would have been about 9 litres two days in a row (18L over 51 hours).

I think that's possibly pushing it, but not really extreme. Not sure what would be considered too much for a fella and it does depend on whether you were sipping it throughout the day (good) or throwing loads and loads down at one time (not so good)

Cambridge say to have 2.25L minimum. Lots of ladies have betweek 4-6L. Possibly men can manage a bit more than that.

If you are thirsty, drink. If you find yourself getting cramp, cut it down. Don't try and force it down if you've had over the 4L though.

Personally, I think it's the calories and sticking to the diet are the key;) Maybe extra water helps some, but it didn't seem to make much difference in my case.

Your body is your guide. Listen to it and just be aware if you find yourself going over the 6L sort of mark. You might not be doing yourself any favours.

Amazing that you weren't living in the loo those two days. Isn't the body incredible how it adjusts!
Thanks for the feedback..and yes the body is amazing..how mine could of been dehydrated after that I have no idea...I shan't be drinking so much this weekend to see what the results are Monday on WI day
I drink 4 litres most days but one day did 7 litres and thought i was dying, i have never felt soo ill before, i had headaches couldnt focus and felt off balance, i know that for me this was too much but for others it wouldnt be a problem. i think between 3-6 is fine but more than this i dont see that it would be beneficial.



Gone fishing
how mine could of been dehydrated after that I have no idea.
don't worry about what the stick says, as they can be inaccurate. General opinion is that if it shows you are dehydrated, and you drinking well, then the stick is giving a false reading.

Just the same as when you check for ketosis. If you are SS and after a few days it's still beige...ignore it.
Intersting on the stcks inaccuracy....for me I'm drinking well, won't do 9ltrs again..have no side effects from it and if week 1 is anything to go by loosing weight....so I guess as with everything, it's moderation.
I find it quite odd this water thing.

I barely ever drank much water pre CD, now I can easily do 5 litres a day. i was v hungry yesterday adn did approx 9 litres of fluid, although some of that was sunshineorange/ mint tea/ normal tea.

If i dont drink 4 , my mouth goes dry and claggy. I wondered whether there might be an ingredient in the shakes that made you feel dry to encourage more water ??
Possibly....I didn't drink any of the packet shakes until the weekend so it may be possible.

But I guess I used to drink more weekends anyway..although that was wine and beer lol.

I know we have to drink water on this diet because you get around 2ltrs a day from food normally and so we have to replace that, as there isn't any food.

It just seems strange to me that a diet that has been around so long has no clearly defined minimum and maximum volume of water in "normal" circumstances.
I am in shock !!!!!

I find it sooooo hard to drink 2 litres

I have for the first day in 6 weeks on CD got the water from the bottle and not the tap and worked out i have been having much less than I should have !!!!

How do u drink so much ?? any ideas would be great I hate water !


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I find it sooooo hard to drink 2 litres

I have for the first day in 6 weeks on CD got the water from the bottle and not the tap and worked out i have been having much less than I should have !!!!

How do u drink so much ?? any ideas would be great I hate water !
Well Zoe
What I tend to do is fill up 5 x 1 litre bottles in the morning and keep them in the fridge, I then work my way through them. I have a bottle with me all the day and just drink and drink...usually get through 4 - 5 a day. I use the same bottles then for the next day and so on..:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
If you struggle with water intake because you simply hate water then try diluting your packs more (I always double the volume on the instructions although I have some clients who split their packs and use triple the amount of water) That way I've had 650mls of my water already without any of the forced unpleasantness of downing water if you hate it!
Hope that this helps a bit!

Ali x
During the week, I use a pint glass and have a piece of paper on my desk numbered 1 to 8, as 8 pints = 4 litres. Each time i get a glass of water i tick the number off. This works for me because most days im in the office. For the weekends, i buy water from tesco, you can get 4, 2 litre bottles in a pack and i make sure that i drink two of those a day - adding summerberry is a huge help, i also found that it satisfies my sweet tooth really well.
One really big tip is not to drink the water cold. It may not taste as nice but it is much easier to drink when at room temperature and it is better for your body..less likely to need the toilet as often.

I have 3 1.5ltr bottles of water on my desk first thing in the morning..I move one off to the side....fill a large cup of water and just try to remember to drink...

Having both the bottle I'm drinking, the bottles I need to drink and the cup in my eye line means I'm constantly aware of what I still need to do in order to make my daily amount.

If I don't do all 3 bottles during the day at work I make sure I know how much I need to cover in the evening.
It just seems strange to me that a diet that has been around so long has no clearly defined minimum and maximum volume of water in "normal" circumstances.
It is defined Mark.....ask your CDC to show you a Data Sheet: "Women under 5ft 8in, three daily servings; women over 5ft 8inches and men, four daily servings. Reconstituted in hot (not boiling) or cold water to taste. An extra 2-4 litres (minimum) of water or calorie-free fluid must be taken each day for best results.........."

And in the Sole Source Programme booklet on page 3, it stipulates "If you take a Tetra Brik or a meal bar rather than a sachet, drink an extra 1/4 litre (1/2 pint) of water."

The other important things to take into consideration are your height in relation to the average, your exercise regime if any, and the temperature of the day.....

It's not an exact science, unfortunately. (Or maybe I mean it can only be exact after a scientist with sophisticated equipment has personalised it for you!)

I'm 5' 10", and drink 6 litres of sparkling water on sole source, but that's just what I've discovered works for me.

My only caveat is that I think 2.25 litres or 4 pints is not enough.....

And whatever you do, don't drink lots all in one go: that's what induces "water poisoning".

No time for more...I hope that helps. What do you think?

I will try too use move water with the packs,Had never thought of that !!!

I love the summerberry,but have run out and am back to plain water,for me to get more I have to get it posted from the UK to Singapore,Pain in the bum !!!!

I will give all the above a go,It may help the weight move quicker !!! lets hope !

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