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hacked off...

I'm in need of hugs. I know I can do this & I know it will be worth it.... I WILL NOT cheat but the days are getting harder...I'm just so fed up of not being able to eat ANYTHING!! Not helped by the fact that the bloody tv constantly bombards me with adverts for KFC, M&S food & even worse PIZZA which just rubs it in!
I still want to loose about 3 stone and the thought of 3 more months of this is just hell (thus my trying not to think about more than getting through each day!!)...Anyone else feel like this? I dont want to cheat, I want to be slim so badly but am just so hacked off with not being able to eat........sorry wallowing moment....& I suspect also not helped by the fact that tomorrow is the last group in foundation with my familliar people and then its new night & new people....
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Big huge massive hugs to ya chick :grouphugg:

I know exactly how ya feel... and them bloody adds would do your head in... BUT... just think this time 3 months thats it your weight loss journey over and your new life can begin...... you will not regret it!!!!!

Well done on your fab weight loss so far and just take this evening a minute at a time.... and hopefully you will get through it

keep on here and you will be well distracted



has started again!!
ISOM, I really understand exactly how you feel. I still have at least 4.5 stone left, and the thought of this for 5 more months fill me with utter misery. BUT, and its a big enormous but, I feel fantastic now , I can breathe easily, cross my legs, starting to wear normal clothes etcetc.

I have, sadly, given in a couple of times, but I regret it bitterly & am finding it so very hard to re-focus.... but I will.

I was also very worried about the "new" people in development, but I met them last week for the first time and they were so lovely. I guess we are all onthe same bumpy ride, so we at least have that in common. Give it a go, and I am sure you will feel better about it all before very long.

Keep posting too!

Aww thanks girls...I know it will be all worth it in the end but some days its just soooo tough. I know if I did cheat I'd be gutted and really dont want to. I think it may also be due to feeling low after hospital appt where I hoped to be discharged but wasnt! Silly as its nothing major but ts been dragging on for ages! Did get conlsultant to write with todays tests rather than having to wait yet another 6 months in limbo to see if all now ok so thats something!
The end of those first 100 days is tricky. Psychologically it just seems to be a hurdle. So you're probably doing a lot of thinking just now and maybe the unconcious mind is clicking in big time and telling you all sorts of things!
For me, you are the ultimate Mini's group hugger so here's one back
I had a very tough transition into Development. I was last to join my group so felt it was 3 weeks early to start with, and also my Developers group time didnt work for me so I had loads of stuff on to sort that out and then thinking about how much longer I had to go...it was all very difficult. And guess what? I started to feel HUNGRY!
3 weeks on and I'm fine. I've got some new goals and milestones in place and some days I do feel like I'm hanging on by a thread but I am getting there and I'm still in abstinence.
I've got some massive hurdles coming up - Glastonbury, another long haul business trip, my family coming to stay, a couple of weddings thrown in, a long weekend away...I just feel like July inparticular is only happening this year to test me!!

Keep going. You're doing brilliantly. And it's perfectly natural and understandable to have some wobbles at this stage :D
Aww thanks tiger girl :) Some days are just agony and I hope tomorrow will feel better. Just had a chat with my mum who is always supportive & very proud of me. Also had a lovely email from my old boss (who I nannied for 14 years ago for her twin boys & we still keep in touch, despite the fact they've moved al round the world and now back in USA!) and she said she'll buy me a new outfit when I get to goal which is really sweet of her! She knows I've always struggled with my weight and was very impressed by my start & now photos which is a much needed boost today! Thanks also for the compliment - I hope I'm supportive cos lets face it this diet is SOOO hard!! Hugs back all!

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Aww ISOM, I know how you feel.
It feels like you are at the end of the diet because you have completed the 100 days.
I know it is a long & very difficult journey to slimville, but just keep going & think about how good you are going to feel at the end of the journey.
Remember you will achieve this beautiful body that you dream of, just be positive.
When the adverts come on the T.V. get up & go to the toilet, make a drink or just do anything other than watching the T.V.
You also need to set yourself some goals to help you get to where you want to be.
I've booked a holiday abroad (yes with 5 kids!!!) for seven weeks time, this willl keep me focused on sticking to abstinence until then, I hope to lose another 1 & half stone.
Are you doing any of the recipes with your foodpacks? that can help you believe you are eating 'normal' food.
I hope tomorrow brings a better day for you.
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Just wanted to add you are and have been doing so very well.

I agree it's hard having to think about the end of foundation, joining new people and realising it ain't over yet till the slim women skips down the high street!!!!

Perhaps chat with your LLC or look at your original goals to get you re-motivated and ready for the next bit of the journey. It's downhill all the way now.

Take Care

Sam xx


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ISOM, you're so strong and you can do this. I know there are hard days and I do feel that this are psychologically worse due to it being the end of a stage. I've got to say though that 3 months really is nothing - you've done that so far and you and I both know that we'd rather do another 3 months (or 4/5 in my case) and be slim and healthy at the end of it than we would to crack now and perhaps take longer to lose it or even worse don't lose it at all.

Stay strong, I'm sending you big hugs and I know you'll do just fine ..... when you start to struggle just think of those lovely pictures of you on your blog and how many more of those there will be to come :)


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