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Had a bad afternoon/evening

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So I left work early to try and get to the T-Mobile shop befire they shut at 5:30 as my new phone has broken.

Got to the main road, waited for the little green man so I could cross, started crossing.....SMACK.....I tripped over my stupidly long trousers and landed in the middle of the busy main road. Scraped all up my right forearm, scraped all my right knee, scraped my right shoulder and whacked my hip. Was so embarissed I limped back home and burst into tears lol.

Was so upset I called my parents (who live 50 miles away) to tell them. An hour later they turned up! Didnt ask them to but they wanted to make sure I was ok (aawww!).

But beause they hadnt eaten we decided to go to Tesco and get a individual stone baked Goodfella's solo and a slice of cheese cake (36 syns in total - ouch!)

So now im in ain because of falling flat on my face and making an arse of myself and I feel guilty for eating all the naughty stuff! Do you think this will effect my friday weight in??????

Anyway, sorry for the essay lol. Hope your all having a better evening! x
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Count your syns weekly to allow it in :) I hate it when embarrassing things like that happen but give it a few days and you will probably laugh about it. The other week I picked up a childrens toy sword to prod my boyfriend as a joke in a busy shop and when I went to prod him I hit a huge tower of tin money cans ... the tower fell to the floor and everyone turned to look at me .. stood there with a sword in hand! Goodness .. I practically ran out of the store, what that must have looked like to those people :eek:
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Hi Sarah-Jayne,

Hit the super speeds for the rest of the week and i am sure you will be fine.

Good Luck Tinax
Sorry to hear about your bad day. I wouldn't worry and just have a flexible syns day. Don't punish yourself further.

Tomorrow's a new day.

I nearly fell down a set of stairs because of my wide legged trousers once; with a class of 4 year olds behind me!


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Aw hun, I'm sorry you've had a shi**y day. I think you just need to draw a line under today and get back on track tomorrow.

Very sweet of your parents to turn up like that I must say. On the plus side, the skin you scrapped off must be a few ounces!

Hope you feel better xxx
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Emmajane, I know how you feel, totally embarissing isnt it!!! Didnt knw whether to laugh or cry....so I got home and cried, then ate the pizza and cheesecake lol.

Bumfluff (tehehe), thanks for that, will give it a try!


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I'm sure everbody has had an embarrasing moment- im sure you wanna here my story to make you feel better lol
Approx 2 years ago it was absolutely bucketing it down with rain. Terrential!
I pulled up in ASDA's car park as i needed a few bits n pieces (as u do). Because of the rain i got out of my car pulled my hood over my head and ran with my head down towards the door.

Next thing i know i wake up to a man in a high visibility vest on asking me if i'm ok.

I only bloody ran into the sign that says WELCOME TO ASDA!:eek::cool:

I was wheeled to the first aid room in a wheel chair.. oh the embrassment. All i could think of was "if there are any of the kids in here that i teach im moving away!"
They were going really slow about their business in the first aid room... I just wanted to up and leave!

A few weeks later the sign was taken down. LMAO!!!!:D

Hope that makes you feel better xxx


Slow but sure....
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Oh sweatheart I'm so sorry that you had a fall and thank goodness there was no fast cars about when you did it, and so good of your parents to come over to see you.

You should be OK for Friday WI you have 3 days so if you cut down on your syns and stay 100% you will be alright I'm sure, and after that fall you needed something comforting.

You will be sore and bruised tomorrow, take some warm baths and get some witch hazel from the chemist to put on your bruises, it will help to 'bring' them out.

Take care love and try and get a good night's sleep, thinking of you. XX
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Thats such a noce post, thank you Donnie. I am very sore, bruised and lumpy today, but cant take the day off work unfortunatly so will just take it easy there instead!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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You poor thing!!! Just reading your post Huni. Just take it easy today even though you are at work.
I got into the wrong car, chatting away, buckled my seat belt, then realised that there was another handbag in the footwell....looked up to see a man looking at me bemused! My hubby had only gone and turned our car around and was parked at the other side of the road! I apologised profusely and legged it out of the car!
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Mrs_V, thats pretty embarissing! how did you feel when that happened? did you OH find it amusing?
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Awwww, just read your post sarah-jayne you poor thing. Are you feeling any better today - apart from the brusing? Look after yourself and take it easy.
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I'm sorry to hear about the fall. It must of been quite a shock as well as painful. I'm glad you did make it home though and that your parents came over - that must have helped you get over the shock.

I agree with the other - start a new day tomorrow and i'm sure you'll be fine. If you obsess about the syns you had today you may get fixated on things (I know I do) and end up having a bad few days. Write if off as a shitty day because 'tomorrow is another day' scarlett.
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Ive been very good today so im still within my syn limit which is good, i feel much better and dont feel as guilty now :D

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