had a bad day and really really want some hot food to warm me up :(

Hi , I have had a bad day today .. realised that my best friend .. isnt so best and isnt really so friend .. my other half is away ( in glasgow and no idea if his flight home tomorrow will be cancelled or not ) and I am soooo cold !! We have no central heating ... and I dont want to put my electric blow heater on as it costs a fortune and I cant get warm anyway .. I had 2 hot water bottles last night , 3 duvets and 2 blankets and still cold ...

I just really really want a large hot curry and a hot chocolate ( before you say , I tried the choc shake warm.. bleugh !!) to warm me up and make me feel better :(

Sorry about my completelly pointless post .. I know I wont eat , am on week 11 nealry and wouldnt ruin it all up just coz I am feeling sorry for myslef but had to tell someone :(

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irish molly

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Poor Katie, you are getting bashed on all sides, the friend, OH flight, the blinkin cold both from the weather and probably from the diet. Stay strong. Have a few cups of hot tea/coffee tonight. Hold the cup in your hand for the extra warmth. Wear lots of layers of clothes.


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Hey Katie!

Im sorry to hear your feeling so low :(

Well firstly.. it sounds like your friend has done something awful.. but if she has then poop to her because then she doesnt deserve your friendship or the title you have given her part in your life!

When is your other half home?

Do you not have a real fire in your home if you dont have central heating? I have just lit mine and its lovely.. or why dont you have a nice hot bath?

Hope you feel better soon chicken xxxx


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Aww so sorry you are having a rotten time. You know as much as you want the hot food it wont make you feel any better. It's cold enough without the heating I hope you get sorted soon. Im sorry to hear about your so called friend. Can you by chance have an early night to help stay warm and maybe read a good book. Hugs to you xx:)
thanks , I dont drink tea or coffee .. wish I did but cant stand either .. never have
OH menat to be home tomorrow night but a lot of flights are being cancelled ... I have an open fire but no logs or coal :( grr and I cant have a bath as the bathroom is FREEZING !!!! lol

Oh I am having a very negative day ... I am not always so moany !!!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Fingers crossed he gets home ok!

Why dont you try drinking just hot water? Boring but warm!

And do you not like the soup?


I will be skinny again!!!
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I think you should!

I hated it the first few times.. but then i added a pinch of pepper to it and it was lovely!!!


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Hi hon, I totally know how you feel! But you know what, keep your head up cuz you have awesome willpower and strength to have come this far! You can totally do it! It's rubbish feeling this way I know. We all know! But just keep thinking of the end result and soon you will be able to enjoy a nice hot meal. This isn't forever. You know I feel like I'm pep talking myself at teh same time cuz I was going to post something exactly similar to yours. So many ups and downs with this diet eh. You can do it! We all can! Just picture yourself skinny minny fitting into those old pair of jeans that you haven't squeezed into for a while. Just picture the end result and all this will seem so small. I hope you don't think I'm babbling. Hope you feel better soon hon. Sending warmth your way.
thanks everyone :) Thats Silver , the scarey thing is tho .. I am now in the jeans I havent fitted into for years .. I am a size 18 which is the smallest size I have been since I was about 16 ( am now 32 !!) so I am so happy and am almost scared of being slimmer as I have never been there ... and I dont know what I will be like as a slim person as I have always been the fat girl .. weird !!!


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Well just imagine how great it will feel when you go shopping for new ones and you're picking up a size that you never have before. That will be an awesome feeling.

Yeah I know what you're saying though about it feeling weird. But I've lost weight in the past before and dropped down to a size 12 and I had never been that size before either...but let me tell you...it felt so great!!! I was shopping for clothes with my skinny cousin and I could pick up the same size as her (something I don't ever remember doing). :)
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wow - hey you seem like a strong girl and i am sure when you get slim you will feel wonderful - i hope u get cosy tonight and ur man is back tomorrow! xox


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Sorry to hear how horrible you feel, and I am not surprised,,,,,,,feeling that cold is just not nice at all!

Now, the soup...the soup.......I hated it at first too, but love it..but try this and see if it makes you like it.

Boil kettle
If you have a blender (think it is better as it smooths away all the lumps)
Then pour around 500ml hot water into it, pour soup shake and then BLITZ for a few seconds..

It is just a lot thinner and the taste isnt as strong! I find it ok and have one everyone night when I get home from work. It might just warm you up a little.

Do hope though that your hubby gets home (my home city he is stuck in, will swap places with him) :)

Take care


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Sorry you are feeling so low. You have done so well so far and be the lowest weight you have been since you were at school is an amazing achievement. I had the soup tonight and never really liked it before but hubby made it for me and I really enjoyed it and found it filling and comforting. When I make it, it always has lumps but made it really nice. It was so filling I was struggling to finish it and it was nice to to sit there with a bowl and spoon and feel like i was having a meal.

Hope you feel better soon x x x x


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Might have to try the soup with 500mls of water as its barely paletable with 250-300mls..

I know its not strictly recommended but I used to have my soup with cayenne pepper this really warmed me up! (reminder to self-buy Cayenne pepper!)


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hope you feeling better today, and that you warmed up, i would def try soup again, i hated it at first now i look forward to it, and while my family are eating i can sit at table with them feel like i'm eating dinner 2 ;)


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Hang in there Katie, these things are sent to try us. Take care !