Had a badddddddd food week, but you know what?


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Good thinking!!! x


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Hi bunnie I'm with you all the way on this one. I had been doing so well losing 13lb in my first three weeks. I 100% food optimised then last weekend I helped my brother out on something and the whole thing slipped like a landslide. I put 3lb on this week and normally I would just think stuff this and give up but this time I thought no, you can do it and you will get back on track so good luck to you on your journey :) x


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Awww I had such a bad week also and I'm only a few weeks in I have to try and nip it in the bud! Good luck x


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Its all fine, I am not going to beat myself up about it because this is not a diet, its a way of life, and life is there to be lived:D

Hell yeah :) xxx

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This thread is making me feel a lot better! I joined SW for the first time ever on 7th March & lost 5 lbs over the next 3 weeks, not sensational but I was happy enough with that as it's taken me a wee while to fully "get" the way it all works. However ...... the last 2 weeks I've been on holiday so might have "unravelled my knitting" so to speak & was thinking how embarrasing getting on those scales could be when/if I went back. But hey, it is just life getting in the way of a good plan, if life was perfect we wouldn't need SW! So Tuesday? Bring it ON! I've invested to much time in studying how it all works to throw it away now ;-)


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We all slip nown n again, cant avoid it all the time, plus we gota live a little ;) i just try draw a line and move on cause otherwise i would keep carrying on just because ive slipped up, at the mo i had half a bottle of vodka last night and with alcohol im totally craving mcdonalds and chocolate but im nt gonna give in! X
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great attitude. after a gain last week im off to meeting tonight. and need to look at it as a blip and i wil get back on track. thankyou