Had a hard day....


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Today i had to do one of the hardest things that i have ever had to do in life and have been really down about it for a few days.
Because of this i am finding it really hard to stick to SW at the moment.
I am trying to stick to plan but i just get lost in thought and end up either not eating or picking at things.
I am also not sleeping well so this isnt helping either.
I dont wanna go completly off the rails and thought i would write here for advice!
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I've just been reading through the Slimming World threads and it's so nice to see that I'm not the only one that is struggling!

I've just found this site so I'm a newcomer!

I joined SW in August and have lost a total of 1.5 stone so far.

However, recently I have gone completely off track mentally and although I stick to it through the day, I just keep messing up in the evening!

Anyway, sorry to ramble! I'll keep reading for inspiration!



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Hello Smiler

I am so sorry to hear that you are having a bad time at the moment... I don't know what your hardest thing was to do nor do I wish to pry, but we are all here to support you in the good times and the bad...

It isn't nice to do things alone and you can take a little comfort that we are here for you.

If you are needing a few days off your plan to be yourself then do it... you can always get back on again... we are not going anywhere and will be here to cheer you on again.

As for sleeping and minds rest... take yourself if you can on some long walks... this will help to tire you and also very good for the mind and body and spirit. Avoid tea and coffee any stimulants as this will keep you awake... sleeping a bad thing for me it is now 5.25 am for me now and I am still wide awake!!

But the best advice I can give you if you wish to take it is a problem shared is a problem halved and be yourself.

Really hope things pick up for you soon.


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Wow, so many people going through struggles at the moment. How wonderful to have networks like this to be able to talk and receive/lend support. And how brave of you all to be going through such times and still reach out for support to stay on your diets. That shows really determination and strength of character. Just keep taking each day one at a time and pretty soon, these turbulent times will be just a memory. Look around and take notice of the things in your life you are really grateful for, there's a lot more than you think! And it can really help you to see a bit of positivity in difficult times such as now. :)


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((( )))sorry u r having a hard time of it hun. wd for trying to stick at it often when u r having a hard time its so easy to say stuff this i want comfort food but u r not u r asking for help wd.
maybe planning your meals and giving yourself at set time to eat them well help set a alarm if u have to. other thing u could try is putting a bowl of grapes near where ever u normally snack.
hope things get better for u soon hun


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when my dad died in may this year........and i had to make all the arrangements for him....i stopped sleeping and i kinda forgot to eat as well.........took me a couple of months to get my head round the idea that he wasn't about anymore..........and i didn't lose any weight for weeks.....
its gettin much easier now........my dad died in my arms at home so i can relate to havin a hardtime............but it does get easier and your life takes on a routine again............hope everything work out for u xxx

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i agree with a few others, if you find yourself wondering off track i would take time out for a bit until you have gathered your thoughts and feel a bit more positive about stuff X dont beat yourself up about food if you have more pressing things to cope with, we do put ourselves under toooo much pressure about food, try and put food into perspective for the time being and come back to sw when your ready x x x hope your ok x x x


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Thanks to everyone for the kind words, it really means alot to me. Everyone here is such a great support.
I am taking a few days off sw, i am not in the zone right now but i dont want to take too long off plan. x x x x x