Had an awful fortnight - need to get back to it!


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I've managed to put back on 5lbs :-(

I had that weekend off when it was my hubbies birthday and we went away for the weekend, and was just getting back into SS when I had to go to Edinburgh for a two day course which meant I was away for three nights - and I went and left all my packs on the kitchen table!! :mad: That was bad enough, but on Monday I trapped a nerve in my back and this week has been totally written off as I have some heavy duty painkillers and have had to eat when taking them to avoid feeling horrendous :-( Am kinda bummed about it all. I really want to get back into SS and hopefully lose a stone by Christmas but am feeling really demoralised this week - but my mood is fairly crap coz I'm in loads of pain too.

Wish me luck getting back into ketosis - although it'll probably be Saturday before I start back on the packs because I'll need to be taking the meds tomorrow also.
Well done for only putting on 5lbs! And making the decision to get back. It's so easy to let is slide and keep putting it off.

Will you cut down on the carbs until Saturday? Does make it easier if you can.
Dont worry you will be back on track soon. If you don't we will come round and kill you. ( only joking)

Sorry about the pain, it must be difficult at the moment.

Lets us know if you start the Sole Source on sat as we will we there for you.

Nick :) :)
Hi Lynne,hun dont worry about the 5lb gain it will come of in 2 days and is most prob just water.
U poor thing u must be in agony i can relate to how u r feeling i have had really bad bouts of sciatica and was heavily dosed up but at least u will be out if pain.

Take care hun and remember we r all here to help u through your journey.
Sleep well xxx
Nothing but obstacles....

Morning (err very early morning!!!)
I've had exactly the same issues as you but for the past 4 weeks! I've also just realised my OH also has not helped as thinks I look fine at size 14! Therefore booked a meal out last night (tried to start SS from Wed) when I said I wasn't eating ended up in a row & I ended up going & eating..... oh & drinking too as I was so angry :mad:
Well, we discussed it more when we got home & I've explained I'm not happy at all, feel naffed off that I've eaten when I did it to please someone else (compliant child - or whatever its called) but I didn't have the energy to argue! :mad: - anyway he's agreed NOT to sabotage further & let me do wateva I need to. So I'm water laiden & packed up for the day! I've got a busy weekend so this will help keep me occupied :) .
You'll get that 5lbs - its probably nasty glycogen that's got stored so don't worry :) !
Just wanted you to know that you're not on your own xxx
loose weight is a war with fight !!!

dont feel bad ...you are under pain is enough no

and soon you get better soon you will feel well .

look what you have done and not the negatif .

:) be good to you .

be positif...


good luck Lynne
Lynne you poor thing, what a lousy combination of events. The diet is hard to follow when you aren't feeling well.
Have you considered acupuncture for your back pain? I've had brilliant results from it and would thoroughly recommend it.
Thanks guys. Prob wont be starting SS again till Tuesday- I have an appointment with an osteopath on Monday and am really hoping that she can help a bit!! Once I get the pain under control I'll get the diet under control.