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Had enough

so iv been on xenical for 4 weeks, now.. before i started i lost an average of 11lbs a month calorie counting, but since taking the blue pills iv only lost 7lbs.. so im coming off them and going back to calorie counting, plus im getting really sick of that damn 5g rule, so thats me done with xenical.. calorie counting here i come AGAIN

Good luck to you all who are on it and hope it works better for you then it did me xx
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Know how you feel chuck but I am using them more as a deterrent, I need that lol As long as I am not eating the crap that got me into this state I am happy :) I am not that good at counting my calories, prefer the fat intake at this stage but if it works for you and you can stay focused you do right chuck :) x
You have to do what is right for you.

At the start of a diet you generally lose it fast and then it slows down so it may have happened anyway.

I hope your weightloss journey contiues well!


Violet is shrinking
Hi hun, how are you doing? sorry ive not been around chick... awww im sorry that you feel like that, but its worth pointing out that theres no such thing as a stable weight loss, or averages.

my aunt is on xenical and what she has lost in 8 months i have lost in 3 months..there are many factors into weight loss hun, and maybe you were naturally slowing down,it does pick up again and sometimes we plateau..

you can always go back to xenical if you want to in the future, but do whats right for you hun.

stick around here though!

its lovely too see you back hun... came off them for a day but was still stuck in the mindset of the xenical rules so started on them again this morning.. its so weard cause when i stopped stressing about them i actually found the rules more enjoyable so am gonna stick with it.. i think i was just having a bad day on friday.. but am back on the ball.. actually had a sneaky peek at the scales today aswell 4 days earlie and since thursday its saying iv lost 2lbs which is great.. i really think weight loss is not just about the body but also about the mind like i said i aint been stressing and i think that really helped, got my 1st doc weigh in on thursday, so im looking forward to that, i know iv only been gone to days but its nice to be back here again lol


Violet is shrinking
I know, i missed this place too! :D

glad that youve decided to try again! dont let the food win hun, youre fabulous and trying really hard and thats all we can do!

a lot of it is in the mind hun, and stress does nothing to help the body...you'll get there, i know you will!

look out for you on thursday! :D

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