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Had first tetra and feel sick?


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I felt like crap yesterday, if you have a headache babes take paracetomol - dont suffer! Keep glugging the water though it really will help flush all the rubbish out!
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Tetras can do that when you first have them as they are more concentrated. Perhaps try splitting it into two mini servings next time xxx


Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Thanks girls, having some more water now.
Porgeous, you look fantastic, what a difference, I feel more inspired now :)
Honestly? Yes, I think so!

But I don't think it has anything to do with the diet...

Most headaches are stress related and 'tension' headaches as we clench our muscles in our skull when we get worked up... I would say it's probably nothing more than you've worked yourself up into having the tetra (hearing how others rave over it, what if you don't like it, what's it gonna taste like, am I gonna find it vile, etc etc etc) and then it's a post-event reaction... am sure it will pass and the next one won't be such a big thing... Plus our bodies are suddenly being given all this water that it's not used to so it takes a little while for it to process and catch up to the idea of this being a good thing... :rolleyes::)

How did you like the taste? I find the choc tetra yummy, I could live off those for a week..! But one thing I find amazing on this diet is how people react so differently to the flavours - I for one hate the soups with a passion even tho in 'real life' food eating I am a savoury eater, yet I find all the sweet shakes really nice, some hot, some cold... taste buds eh, funny little things! :)

Keep going, am sure you'll feel a-ok really soon!

tinks x
Hey jools when you have your next shake make a hot one with 9oz water it really does make a lovely drink and keeps the hungar pangs at bay - im having a hot choc shake right now, its gorgeous!


Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Thank you, am starting to feel a bit better now ;)


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I read somewhere that you could feel sick in the beginning because of all the minerals in the meals.
Hope you feel better soon and good luck the coming days!
My counceller said the same that tetras are very concentrated at least with the shakes you can add a bit more water to them. You are detoxing as well though Jools so you may feel crap.

How come I feel great today then? I dont feel ill at all


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Also, drink it slowly, I downed my first shake and quickly downed a pint of water straight afterwards and felt so sick!... I find sipping and giving yourself a wee bit of a break before having water helps. Also warm shakes are great esp now with the weather being the way it is. Cold ones can also be made to taste fantastic, try adding crushed ice and blending all together, tastes like the mcD's milkshake, honestly..:) hope you feel better soon, all the best.


Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Thanks girls, great shake advice, will give both the hot and cold methods a shot.
Big hugs :grouphugg:
Big hugs to you hunni, really try things out though and youl get a good feel for what you like and what makes you not have the ole hungar pangs afterwards.


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CD in general made me feel pretty rough when I first started, how long have you been on it? The headaches could be due to the detox you're going through (water helps this A LOT) or the concentration of vits and mins in the tetra's compared to the shake sachets.
I hope you feel better soon and get great results :) x
I also find that the tetra's give me the runs!!!!!!!! Definitely stomach cramps anyway......but at first the trots!


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I have found out that I am allergic to the mix a mousse paste but I can eat it. I just can't 'touch' it. It gives me quite a rash!

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