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  1. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    Just wanted to say that I had my first weigh in and I lost 10lbs :D. This has really made me more determined.
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


    Well done:happy096:
  4. Joey19

    Joey19 Member

    Inspirational!!! I'm so excited to start on Saturday!
  5. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Well done!!

    I'm starting from scratch tomorrow. I will be having 8 weeks to loose as much as I can before Floriday :) Currently about 12st 9 I think and I need to get to like the 10s :) need to loose 2 1/2 i think and I will be happy. Don't know if I can do it but I am determined to start from tomorrow. :D
  6. was78

    was78 Full Member

    Hi I am very new to the forum, as in ten mins ago!! Has anybody any good advice for me? I am starting week 3 today. I am a bit worried about what I have read about hair loss, could anybody settle my fears?? Feeling well, have lost a stone and a bit so far :) Well done everybody on your missions. Thanks x
  7. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    This is my second go at lipotrim and the last time was nearly 3 years ago in which I went from 13st to 9st 9lbs in 10 weeks. I have to say I didn't lose any hair that time nor have I lost any yet on this go. I have heard that your hair can become thinner. How much you looking to lose?
  8. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Full Member

    Am trying to keep up but don't know which thread to be on! It's very messy on here... There seems to be a few of us new again to LT maybe 2nd time round but I've posted on another thread more and so have others on here?? Moderator what's going on? Where can we post so we can see each other's progress or support:(
  9. was78

    was78 Full Member

    Hello! Sorry, I lost the thread, but I think I know how to find them now!! Thanks for the reassurance, I think I have a timescale in my mind of 8 weeks and I'd be happy with what I lose in that time. I dont know why I have that in my head but it's keeping me going by doing it day to day. I would like to lose 3 stone if poss :) xxThat is an amazing loss in 10 weeks!!! :) well done x

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