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Had my First Weigh in This Morning!!


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and 3 inches off my waist! So Really chuffed with myself!

And this has all been on the 810 week prep. Now on SS, I don't expect the loses to be that big every week... but at the end of the Day a Loss is better than a gain!
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Mad as a Hatter
Well done - I've got my first WI tomorrow - after 4 days due to the weekend - and I hope that I get something near your result

Fantastic - I bet you are thrilled with yourself...



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Thanks everyone...

I am completely thrilled!

I have been drinking roughly 3-4 litres of water a day and my CDC said that would have helped massively. (I drunk loads of water anyway so not found that part too hard). I must say that all in all I am really enjoying this Diet, and to be honest you can't really say that about many.

Doubt I could have stayed focused this first week, without reading how well everyone is getting on and also peoples struggles, because it is something you can relate to and not feel like you're on your own.

Wow, you are off to a great start. have another inspired week!
yay very well done :D


Going for Goal!
Brilliant weight loss - well done! You must be absolutely delighted! Hopefully after next week you'll get your 1st stone off! ;)

Good Luck of your journey :)

Hugs x x x
:happy096: well done, fantastic loss here's to more
well done you, I am off to be weighed at 6 tonight and fingers crossed for some more losses.

It does get easier when you settle into a rhythm and the fact that you can see the weight dropping off makes it so much easier to stay focussed.

Heres to another good week.
Well done, thats brilliant! Keep up the good work!


Shut up Ethel
Excellent first week - well done! Am hoping that I can post something similar on Tuesday night....


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Thanks again everyone!:D

I'm sure that everyone who's got a weigh in coming up will do brilliantly... GOOD LUCK!

I think maybe the key (for me anyway) is definately drinking lots and lots of water! (and peeing lots and lots of peeing)


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You will be fine. I have found that reading about other people's losses etc has been great inspiration to keep me going through this 1st week.

I've found so far this week how much I really did eat, i.e. when doing the kids sarnies at lunch I'd cut off a knob of cheese for myself, finishing off things they didn't eat... WELL NO MORE!!

Good Luck

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