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ham slices

this is obv where i am going wrong then

oh i need help and go bak to day one

cant think straight

so am i ok to have tablespoon mayo and 4 ounces cheese every day???


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yes the cheese and mayo is fine. in fact i still count the carbs in mayo and cheese though! I just count everything! thats why i log on myfitnesspal and check the carbs are right x
so how many carbs is 4 ounces cheese
and is it one tablespoon mayo a day??

omg after one weekend off and feeling crap
i want to stick to it to the letter for few days

if there is carrots in bag salad does this ruin everything


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Lala - to be honest, if you know you're taking a day off at Easter and you just took a few days off, maybe you should wait and start induction again after Easter instead.

You're really going to be confusing your body by throwing it in and out of ketosis, and atkins just isn't the kind of diet where you can take days off. I think you'll do yourself much more of a favor by waiting until you know you can do a good solid stretch of a few weeks on the diet. Only then will you properly get rid of carb cravings and give yourself a chance at a loss.

It will also give you time to research carb counts. The back of the packet on most things will tell you what's in it.

When you do get back on it, you shouldn't be eating carrots, no.
ok thanks guys
yes i guess ur right no point doing it for few days then having week off as going away


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why not take the time to read the book again too?
Cheese can vary on carbs and mayo. I eat unlimited mayo as long as in my carb allowance.
well i disagree .............. you could still maintain whilst having even 40-50g of carbs keep your mind set in the frame of atkins,as soon as you come off you will do so much damage ................ got the t shirt !!xx


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I'm not suggesting she should go nuts or anything, Susan. But going on an Atkins style way of eating for 5 days then having a week off plan seems honestly pointless, will confuse the body and will take away some of the advantage of ketosis if the body expects her to be bouncing in and out of it all the time. You're right that she doesn't need to eat high carb just because she's off plan but general, low GI type healthy eating seems like a good idea, then really get into induction and stick to it after the holiday.

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