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Attack ham


** Chief WITCH **
The lowest fat possible. I found this answer by googling, which sums it up very well.

"Cold meats like chicken and turkey slices are allowed when you’re on the Dukan diet but you need to be careful with ham. Dukan does allow reduced fat bacon in his book but there is no mention of ham. If you compared a packet of ham with a packet of chicken slices (that you know are OK) and the nutritional information is similar – then the ham ought to be OK. With all packaged meat slices always check the sodium, some are very high in salt which we want to avoid on the Dukan diet."

Personally, I'd advise using this sort of packaged food as an emergency snack only, and not build meals around it where possible. As you've already noticed, some added ingredients are sent to try us!


Not very good at this!
You're really best off steering clear of processed foods, especially salty things like ham and things like precooked chicken and fish. If you must have ham, the lower the fat the better; the book mentions between 2 and 4% fat and steer clear of anything with sugar or honey or breadcrumbs.

- but as I said, better to steer clear - it is all too easy to shove too many handfuls of ham in your mouth:)


** Chief WITCH **
And, as you've already seen, sometimes comments aren't taken the way they're intended so after a while we give up!
Whether you go buy the original no nonesense French book or the new English book they say different things ...people through experience on here , and have been doing this a long time have experienced stalling with salty products such as ham and other packaged meats ...not to say keep away just dont have them as a main stay of your diet .I use then if im out for emergencies but I know that the fresh home cooked chicken and beef are the better for you ,,, so have a bit in an omelette just dont munch the rest in one sitting ...


** Chief WITCH **
60% turkey only in that processed Bernard Matthews stuff - euw!

Real turkey breast would be far better!

("What is turkey ham made from? Well it turns out that is does contain some turkey, but no pork meat. There is a cow product though, about one third water, and far too much salt. Ingredients:
“turkey (60%), water, salt, stabilisers, potato & rice starch, milk protein, dextrose, whey protein, flavouring, antioxidant, acidity regulator, flavouring, preservative, yeast extract, garlic”)
I know its processed rubbish but to be fair I am only on my 4th day of attack and have lost 7lbs so far, I only have it on a morning with my galette. It's cheap as its always on offer, I am trying to keep my costs down as I have spent a lot of money on trying to lose weight in the past.
hey hun I dont think anyone is having ago , and at this stage you will lose alot . Later it will slow and little tips these girls pass on from their own experiences and comparing with each other really does help
Dukan wrote a book for the French market which is a lot strict with better weight loss results than ours , the ladies that use that are only trying to help ( though it seems to be taken the wrong way by some ) as I see it they have been there done it seen the pitfalls and I find their advice very help and supportive and wouldnt be with out them ...by all means eat the meat sparingly or trough the lot the choice is yours xx

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