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Hanging my head in shame at WI tonight

Guess who's gone a bit mad this week and eaten and drunk too much?? Yes me.:wave_cry:

Had a 'couldn't careless attitude' and it's shown on my scales. Put 1.5lbs on :cry:

To be honest i think i'm getting a bit too complacent with it all, like i've stopped writing in my food diary which seems to be a big mistake as i 'forget' what i've eaten. I keep having a little top up of wine and not counting it.

Please can someone shout at me and tell me to buck my ideas up because up to this week i've really been enjoying it. I haven't had an enormous weight loss but hey at least i'm not putting weight on.

Feel stupid today after letting myself down last week. What a wally :eek:
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remember how bad you feel today ;) just think todays a new start! and home scales can be wrong! last week i had a bad week i ate normal everyday not counted nothing and stayed the same! which still gave me a 5lb loss in 2weeks... this week i been 100%and really looking 4ward seeing what i've done. you need get sparkle back with you and sw lol


Put it behind you had have a good week this week. x



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There you go thats a line under your bad week! We all have them, you have accepted and know whats caused the problems so thats the end of it. Dont dwell on it, move on and start writing your food diary again if it helps. Dont forget that weigh in at class might not be quite as drastic as at home!
Good luck x

Mrs V

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These things happen Hun. Just get back on track and treat today as if it was your first day on the SW plan. Make sure that you keep your diary though as if you are anything like me, you would forget what you have eaten!
Face the scales, you may have sts, but even if you have gained, at least you know the reason why and will make sure that it wont happen for the following week.



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It happens to us all from time to time Swizzle, trick is don't let one bad week/day defeat you. Put it behind you and start again.

So yeah, like Margery Dawe says up there ^^^ BUCK YOUR IDEAS UP (I feel soooo mean even typing that! lol) and start keeping a food diary again.

You can do it! Get your weigh in over with, face it and move on.

thanks margery dawes that made me laugh out loud :8855: Brightened up my day a bit too.
Got my wi at 5.30 will report back :eek:


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The very best thing you can do is remember that you can't change the past, its done. Look forward and plan plan plan what you can do this week.

smile babes it's never as bad as it seems



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Hun, it could have been so much worse, dont stress it!!!

Start to do your food diary from today (or tomorrow) and get back on the plan - weigh everything, plan your meals, get in the ZONE! (when you get there, give me a wave cos im in there at the moment!!! im the one with bonkers curly hair and the bum with junk in the trunk!)

Good luck - you can do it superstar!!!!! Xxxx
Don't beat yourself up about it chick, it happens to the most of us. As everyone else has said, draw a line under it and start a new day. :) Hope your WI wasn't as bad as you thought xx
2lbs!!! :cry:
Started writing my diary again today, so here i go back on track and determined to get it off next week, although it's my birthday on saturday :eek: might have to be a quiet one this year :)
Feel better tonight that i've faced the scales because i did think about not going but i think that would have been my slippery slope backwards. Thankyou for all your replies, i'll re-read this thread when feeling rubbish for a bit of inspiration.

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