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Hannata's Diary


I can haz cake?
Hello all :)

After doing exante for 2 weeks I've finally decided to take the plunge and do Atkins! Yay!

I've decided to set my carb limit a little higher than the recommended induction at 40g per day. I should easily stay in keto with that as Exante products deliver that and more.

Went food shopping this morning before work, hunting for all the low carb options... its really weird buying a normal pack of phili rather than the light or extra light!!! and full fat cream, never!

This morning I'm going to start with my porridge. Its been a firm favourite of mine for years, I've missed it like mad, and it fills me up nicely! I checked the carbs on them and I think theres about 15g. I've got some spicy chicken and lettuce for lunch and some chicken and bacon with mushrooms for dinner. Might grab a green pepper and make an "a la king" sauce (garlic, green pepper, onion, nutmeg) with a bit of cream (yay no awful low fat exchange)

I'm oddly looking forward to it!!! ee :D

Got my 2litre bottle filled (with the tiniest bit of lemon squash in it) so I'm good to go :)
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Good luck with Atkins :)


I can haz cake?
porridge - 16.2 carbs - 2.5 fibre = 13.7g
cream (50ml) - 1.5g
2x sweetner - 2g

mini babybel - traces

salad leaves 0.8g
spicy chicken (approx 100g) 2.2 - 0.2 = 2.0g
mini babybel - trace

cup of tea and a drop of cream - (taken from earlier as I didn't quite have 50ml)


Green pepper - 1.4
chicken breast - 1
garlic powder
onion - 2
cream - 100ml - 3.0

total 27.4g
It looks like it's suiting you and you're adapting to make it work for you :)


I can haz cake?
snack: 4 walnuts 0.4
babybel trace

porridge 13.7
milk 2.5
2 walnuts - 0.2

chicken (again) 2.0
salad leaves 0.8
cup of tea x2 .. approx 1g

a naughty naughty digestive biscuit - 8.8g!! (could be worse I suppose)

total so far 29.4


i know i'm taking the piss a little bit but the carbs I'm including are healthy carbs :) xx


This is for life
Afternoon Hannata, how's your weekend going?
Hey Hannah! Not doing atkins but thought I would wish you luck. I have up on propoints and home back to good old sw! Happy you are doing well x
Hi hannata, welcome and good luck, the point made about subtracting fibre above is spot on

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