Happy birthday iwantskinnyjeans


Minimins gal x
Happy birthday Sarah.
Hope u have a wonderfull day and all your dreams come true xx

Happy Birthday to IwantSkinnyJeans!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to IwantSknnyJeans!

Happy Birthday to you

Ahh thanks so much guys

This site is by far the friendliest internet forum I have ever discovered - gives you that warm fuzzy feeling!

I am having the best birthday ever, becuase for the first time in a zillion years I am not sitting here wishing I was not overweight and could enjoy it properly! I have been leaping around in the park with my husband and twin girls feeling full of energy! Being slim is the best present I could ever have given myself.

Wannabemine - we are never too old for skinny jeans! I am 38 too and shall wear mine with defiant pride:)