Happy birthday Karion


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Have a great day
A birthday Karion ... hope you weren't hoping to keep it secret!!! :D

Happy Birthday, hun, and hope that you have a good one!! :D
Thanks girls.

I'm actually sulking at the moment, but it's okay as I'm alone, so I'm allowed to.

Got a right good telling off this morning from eldest son:confused:

Did I expect something extravagant? Nah. Did I expect a present at all? Nah. A card?? - nah.

All I wanted was for someone in the family to say Happy Birthday. Seems that it was just too hard for them and I got told off for saying to eldest "please say Happy Birthday Mummy".

DH did leave me a box of choccies though :), and I didn't see him, so I guess I'll let him off :D Hang on...I assume the choccies were for me:confused: Oh well....eaten them now :D
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.....

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday dear Karion Dieting...................

Happy Birthday to you!

Wishing you a very happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love Mini and Pierce xxx

Hope you are having agreat day x x x

Have a fab day.

Thankyou you lubberly lot!

DH cooked dinner today. Yummy. I sooo needed something proper to eat instead of all the rubbish we've been eating. I was craving healthy food LOL

what is wrong with me:confused:

Being a total lazy git today. Sat on my bum nearly all day (apart from a bit of taxi driving and shopping). Eaten a whole box of chocs in one day!:eek: Cor...takes me back that does.

At least I didn't have breakfast or lunch:eek: Bad Karion. Will be sensible tomorrow.

Craving an apple now!!:eek::eek::confused::confused::eek:
Glad you had a lovely day & hubby cooked for you, you are allowed to be a lazy git on your birthday y'know! :)
That's what I think, and I'll tell something.....I'm damn good at it too :)

just can't wait for youngest to go to bed, so I can see if I can do nuffink in peace.

Only got two more hours :(