Happy Birthday Lump2Lush!!!


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Congratulations L2L!!! Hope you enjoy and have a good one!! ;)
Happy Birthday lump2lush!!! Happy Birthday to You!!!


Happy Birthday to you :D :D :D

Ok everyone has fancy Happy Birthday Signs, but its far too early in the morning for me to learn something new like that,

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (whoops and cheers here tho!)
Happy Birthday Lump2lush!! :D :D
Yeah....come on spill the beans L2L :D
Thank you for your bday msg's, only just came out of hiding!!! was My 36th ....last time i looked i was 24, mmm something strange has happened not just mentally but thigh wise boob wise and something really strange had happened to my underarms!!! so in total was it a great day is weird great ??? if so it was fab xxx