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happy,happy,happy :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by tamkat, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Back into my size 16 jeans this morning,so happy :) 2 days until weigh in & excited x
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  3. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    Yay! That must be an amazing feeling, my clothes are feeling looser, can't wait to start going down sizes :)
  4. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Thanks jennjenn it does feel good,they are not new jeans but my old ones but still im still chuffed as couldn't even get them over my thighs a few weeks ago lol x
  5. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Full Member

    That must feel amazing and in such a short time, this diet is great! Well done you! Have you loads of clothes waiting got you to shrink into as motivation, I have a whole wardrobe full!
  6. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    oh absolutely lemonandlime rangeing from size 12 to 20! The 12s haven't had a look in since I got married in 2007 but managed to get down to a 14 in aug 2012 then got pregnant.Even though the scales are going down its nice to have added proof that im actually losing inches x
  7. sarah11

    sarah11 Full Member

    YAY! you must be absolutely buzzing today :) like you, I have clothes ranging from sizes 12-20, I take a size 18 at the moment and I will be over the moon when I can fit in my size 16 jeans again. Hopefully i'll get there soon. Well done x
  8. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Thanks Sarah ill be glad to see the back of the 18s for good been hiding in leggings & long tops & cardigans for far too long!Wont be long for you too Im sure, its def worth the buzz :)
  9. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    Yeah well done :)
  10. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Thankyou Berryred :) :)
  11. SallyVater

    SallyVater Gold Member

  12. emma_88

    emma_88 Silver Member

    Wow, that's great. Well done :)

    NSV's are so much better than the scales I think :)
  13. slimminglizard

    slimminglizard Full Member

    Well done, such a good feeling!
  14. Ghostie

    Ghostie Full Member

    Well done love :).. I love that feeling!
  15. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Well done hun! Great NSV for you!!
  16. haileyhaiz

    haileyhaiz Full Member

    I can't wait to start noticing clothes feeling loose and fitting into my old favourites!! Well Done! It's good motivation!!!
  17. Daisydolly

    Daisydolly Full Member

    Fabulous can't wait to go down the sizes! Xx
  18. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Thankyou all :) really thought I would have gone off track by now but nearly 8 weeks in & its actually getting easier not harder :) x
  19. Daisydolly

    Daisydolly Full Member

    Yeah I think the first couple of weeks are the hardest , they say it takes 21 days to set a new habit...so hopefully after my next week I will find it easier really struggling right now totm and all I want is chocolate chocolate...x
  20. tatabubbly

    tatabubbly Gold Member

    Congrats!! Reminds me to pull out my old shorts and see how far away I am from fitting into them!
  21. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    well done Tamkat !!!
    I am looking forward to getting back into jeans, and dumping baggy tops & leggings

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