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its the other halves birthday tonight so i suggested going to harvester as i know they used to have syn values on their menu's. i am easy as to whether to do red days or green days but what would you suggest?? im thinking just going for simply pasta if i choose green, or if i do red day, i could have gammon and eggs perhaps?! any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Mrs V

Loves Life!
I always have either a Red day or an EE day when I go to the Harvester.
I always have the gammon, jacket potato (no butter) and fried egg - 1 syn each. I also have the fruit skewers for pudding and ask for no icecream or cream.
Of course there is the salad cart too...I also take a jar of Hellmanns extra light mayo and a tbsp with me so that I can have 1lvl tbsp of mayo with my salad at 0.5 syns.
thats what i was thinking, but i dont know whether to go green and go mental on the salad cart as well or not - bearing in mind that my weigh in day is thursday so i dont want anything that is going to lie heavy on my tum tum for days!!!



Nojo on the YoYo
Harvester do syn values? I know this is the wrong place to ask but if anyone has them I would loooooooove a list of them!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
No Hun...Harvester used to have their menus with the syn values on for both the Red and the Green Day, but not anymore :(
You can get them on line I believe on the SW website...its all depending what you are thinking of!


Nojo on the YoYo
Harvester do plump juicy roast chicken and free salad bar, that's what I'm thinking! :D
They used to, years ago!!!! but their menus changed lots as have their nutritional values as well i would have thought.... so if anyone has the old menu "sin" values then it would be a handy indicator of how bad the syn values should/would be!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
Ah nuts, got all excited. I must buy a new 2010 bible when I go to class this week!

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