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Has any one cheated?

If I feel like I want to eat and am gonna cheat I just add up all the money I have already spent on cd and add up all the lbs i lost on cd, cheating isnt worth it. if you really NEED to eat I would suggest small bit of chicken and a little green veg (like you would on ss+).
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I cheated on cd then i couldnt get back to it,so i think whats the point,i done cd and lost 2 stone and at goal but doing ww but keep cheating so coming back to cd,i wont cheat again now,just think of all the money i have spent!
I know Susan. It's really not worth it! I did a reality check also and remembered how people sneer at me here and it's not nice at all... Thanks hon for helping me here:) It's given me a boost to keep going. Thanks luv:)


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It's just soooo not worth. The chatterbox will tell you that it'll make things easier, but it's lies. It makes the whole process soooo much harder:eek:
I f i think about cheating i think about how far i have come and how it could be wasted. I like to talk to myself about eating something so then i can talk myself back out of it lol mad i know. but i know i will feel 10 times worse for that week knowing i have cocked it up.
firstly dont cheet you willr egret it!

i went to a festivel at the weekend and passed out the paramedic man told me if i wanted to stay at the festival i had to eat something and they went and got me a burger OF ALL THINGS :O( i hate burgers anyway i feel crap still not back in ketosis and now all i think about is food im starving hungry and just want to feel how i did before i cheeted :O(


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No I've never cheated. It will only make you feel crap!
Nope, not cheated so far (only week 3 though). As others have said, I gather its not worth the potential struggle back onto it.

Having said that, if you do "fall of the wagon" - its all about how you dust yourself off, get back on and look towards that new you/future.

We're all human!

No cheating for me - people have tried to tempt me with cakes and stuff and last week I had such a bad day I wanted a huge bar of chocolate, but I resisted as I know it's not worth it... What I do have though, is a planned week off for my holiday. But I have had that planned since I started this journey and will be getting straight back on it again when I get home, so don't view it as cheating xx


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I haven't cheated yet and don't plan to. I'm determined to do this without cheating and I think it'll be hard to get back to CD after cheating..
All of you have made me realize that there is no point in cheating and it will be even more difficult getting back on CD if we cheat! SO I am convinced and I will not allow anything to deviate me from my plan!:) I am so glad I am on this forum - you guyz are life savers:)


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
I'm glad you decided that! :) Go you! ^.^
well done you xx

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