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Has anybody managed a 1000th restart?

I am starting to think that the first time was the only time I am going to manage this diet. I seriously don't know how many times I have re-started but I have been "on" this diet for about 4 years I think. This is the first time I have struggled in the first few weeks and I don't know why. It has got to the point that my fiancee says he hates the diet. He is still amazingly supportive but he says he hates what it does to me. Not really sure what my best course of action is now. Any advice gratefully received.
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hello, you remind me of what I was doing on WW : first time around I managed to lose, and then kept restarting again and again. I probably did this with other diets. What I know, as far as I'm concerned that I have only one chance on a given diet. If I fail, then it's over.
I do CD for the first time around, and think I really found my dream diet. I don't want to miss what is happening to me right now. So I'm sticking to it the best I can.
Anyway, you can succeed once you find your "best for your diet" but don't miss your chance then. Good luck for you !
I guess I don't want to think that I can't do it again. I have managed to keep 2 stone off so I am not right at the beginning. I think this has to be the last try though, if only for my fiancees sanity.


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I'm on about my 1,000,000 restart this saturday, but i found that if I don't look at it as a restart but a fresh new week on my chosen diet i do loads better.

I found if i looked at it as another restart i was setting myself up to fail instantly, especially as we have done the diet before, we tend to put too much pressure on ourselves then look for an excuse to stop.

Take each day as it comes, don't put too much pressure on yourself and come on here when you feel you may be slipping :)

Good luck if you do start again :) xx

Thanks DappyMare. I am starting totally fresh today. Not doing bad so far. A bit hungry but not too bad.

Have you managed to identify why you stop each time? That is something I am trying to do.


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Have you tried to be helped by books ? there are a lot of wonderful stuff out there, like Linda Spangle with her 100 days of weight loss, or the Beck's diet solution. It might be of great help and make you see the diet in a whole new way.


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you can do it,if i had kept the weight off from all my restarts i would have lost about 15 stone!!! but.........it can be done im on the 5th week now and going strong
good luck xx

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