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Has anybody read or know anything about this 'NEW' Diet!!


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:rolleyes: Just wondering if anybody has heard about this new diet
called 'THE CHELSEA DIET', by Dr. Michael Spira.

Its definetley worth a read, see what you think.

Expert Diet Doctor reveals a simple way to lose weight NOW and FOREVER.

Forget the Atkins Diet, the GI Diet, the Low Carb Diet, the High Carb Diet, this diet, that diet – they may well produce short term results but they are notoriously difficult to stick to and can even be dangerous to your health.

Dr. Michael Spira, a leading UK slimming expert for the last 30 years has just published for the first time a ‘diet’ that he has been using successfully on his private patients for years. It goes against everything we would normally expect from a diet and certainly goes against what you would expect to hear from a doctor.

It tells you to eat PLENTY OF FOOD, THREE TIMES A DAY. It includes foods like CHOCOLATE, BREAD and CHEESECAKE, the foods you love – YOU CAN EVEN DRINK WINE. It doesn’t involve strenuous fitness regimes, medication or those awful diet pills. It is based on sound medical research and years of experience working with thousands of clients including many celebrities. It’s called The Chelsea Diet: How to Lose Weight Now – and Forever.

How it works
Dr Spira’s theories have not always been welcomed by the multi national slimming companies that push calorie counting, slimming pills, or starvation diets. That’s because Dr Spira believes that the opposite is true. We’ve all experienced the pleasure of losing weight and feeling great – but it never lasts long, diets are hard to stick to and before you know it, you’re back to square one. So what do we do next? We try another hairbrained slimming programme and – you guessed it – lose a bit of weight and then put it all back on and more. This yo-yo effect does our bodies no good at all and actually makes it easier for the body to put the weight back on next time you go on a diet.
Dr Spira’s Chelsea Diet reveals how a specific group of carbohydrates rather than the fat or the calories in the food you eat are the real culprits that make you put on weight and keep it on. By avoiding these “bad carbs”, you can eat whatever you want and provided you eat sensibly, lose kilo after kilo after kilo. I won’t go into too much detail here – you’ll have to read the book for that – but what I can tell you is that these “bad carbs” stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin than is necessary. Insulin is a hormone that is known as the main cause of excess weight and obesity. Too much insulin can indirectly generate fat deposits on the hips, stomach, bottom and thighs – all those flab attracting areas that make you look overweight, make your clothes too tight and make you feel bad about yourself.

Good Carbs
So how do we combat this? The Chelsea Diet shows us the “good carbs” you should eat every day – carbohydrates that help keep your metabolism in balance and cause you to lose excess weight rather than store it as fat. It really is that straightforward.
Eating “good carbs” three times a day means you can enjoy all the foods you love and still lose weight. You can find out exactly which carbohydrates fall into the good column and which fall into the bad column by reading The Chelsea Diet by Dr Michael Spira you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.
If you adopt the methods shown in his book, I guarantee that you will never look back and you will lose all the weight you want. In fact, we are so sure that you’ll lose all the weight you want, you have TWELVE WHOLE MONTHS to try it out. If after twelve months you are not completely satisfied with the results, if you haven’t got down to your ideal size and weight, simply send back the used book and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

The most important message from Dr Spira is that you can lose weight safely and healthily by eating plenty of food, three times a day and include the foods that you love such as chocolate, bread and even drink wine.
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I have to say it sounds ridiculous to me and (in his own words) is 'yet another hairbrained slimming programme'.

We all know that the concept of losing weight is simple. Eat less calories than your body requires on a daily basis and you'll loss weight. Consume more than you need and your body stores it in the form of excess glycogen (stored carbohydrates) and fat. It really isn't rocket science - the difficulty is in eating a good balance of foods to provide your body with the essential nutrition it needs to remain healthy while you're cutting back on calories.

My main concern with this diet is that even if you manage to control the amount of calories you consume to lose weight, that it's a diet which is SO high in sugar and fat that it's highly unlikely you'll be getting a proper balanced diet.

Yes, it's lovely to think there was a diet which allowed you to eat (and drink) anything you like and still lose weight. If such a thing existed, I think we'd all go for it like a shot! I rather suspect that the amounts of the 'yummy' stuff allowed on this diet would be so small (because they're so high in calories/fats/sugars) that it would be very difficult to control your food intake and not allow yourself just 'that little bit extra' which is usually the reason most diets fail :sigh:

Of course there is no reason why, when you've reached your target weight in a sensible and healthy way, you can't enjoy all the things you want as long as it's in moderation - which is always the key word for long-term weight management.

I rather suspect that this is just another 'get-thin-quick-without-really-trying' scheme designed to make money. After all, you can't even claim a refund if it doesn't work until 12 months later. And who bothers to do that after all that time (even if you managed not to be embarrassed to ask for your money back :eek:).

Good luck if you want to give it a go though - and keep us informed how you get on :)


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there is a lot of research on the eating good carbs to help prevent weight gain and it does seem to have a good write up so maybe it works .I do think it sounds like another of those diets tho .We will have to wait and see as peeps try it see what they have to say


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I've heard of it (and Dr Spira). I don't think there's anything 'magical' about the diet though.

It seems from the description given in various articles, that he suggests we:-

1. Exercise moderately,

2. Eat 3 meals a day (reduce/eliminate snacks),

3. Limit high GI foods (bad carbs that stimulate the pancrease to produce insulin)

4. Have treats (though of course all in moderation as you are limiting high GI);) so we don't feel deprived.

5. Sign up and pay for access to support for a minimum of 10 weeks :D

6. Not know exactly what he's on about unless we buy the book. Clever :D

All good advice that we have been told over and over again over the years. Maybe he does have another trick up his sleeve, but I'm not buying the book to find out.

If anyone else does...spill the beans. I hate mysteries :D


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so if anyone knows what they are - spill the beans :D
Teehee. Didn't see any of these replies when I wrote my message (got distracted:eek:). I used the spill the beans phrase too though :D

The bad carb thing with be the high GI foods.


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Okay...someone has just told me. It seems that it's a plain speak low GI diet.


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Hi girls,

The diet has a huge spread in my paper today which sparked me to read and ask if any of you have heard about it.

Having lost my weight albeit put on a bit, I'm always on the look for a good maintenance plan, I dont want a few pounds to suddenly be stones again!

sun xx
Nowt wrong with that. We're all looking for the 'perfect' way to maintain our losses. This is probably as good a plan as any - if you stick to if of course, which is always the tricky part. Sounds to me that it's a fairly standard Low GI programme though? :rolleyes:

Mind you, I'm someone who never believes anything they read in the papers except the date anyway (and even then I like to check ;)).

Good luck with whatever maintenance program you decide on Sun :)


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thanks sharon xxx


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Yes, it's lovely to think there was a diet which allowed you to eat (and drink) anything you like and still lose weight. If such a thing existed, I think we'd all go for it like a shot!
To an extent SW allows you to eat as much as you like but of certain foods. Totally agree with all you said

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