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Has anyone changed from the Cambridge diet to slimming world?

Hiya I'm currently doing the Cambridge diet & in the 1st 2 weeks my losses were fab but last week I stayed the same & it looks like this week isn't going to be a decent loss either :confused:
I'm not cheating & doing everything right.
Anyway I was thinking if it carrys on like this I may switch over to slimming world which would be lovely anyway as I could make healthy meals for my whole family ( I have 3 girls:D)
The problem I've got is no local consultant as I'm bfpo Germany but could do it myself or online.
Thanks for reading xx
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Congrats on the weight you've lost so far. I tried cambridge, I was allergic to the shakes as I was sick every time I had one! Never felt so ill in my life! All I can say is, don't expect the big losses you had in Cambridge, this eating plan is something you can continue for the rest of your life, and if you are changing from a VLCD to SW i would expect your body is going to need time to adjust. So try not to be disappointed and to power through ! Sorry i'm not more helpful, just didn't want to read & run :) xx
hi hun x

ive changed recently from cwp to sw the first week you will gain roughly the same amount as your first cwp loss due to yor body regaining water and other bits with names i cant spell lol. if your prepared for it like i was then you will be fine. my first week i gained 8lbs the second i also gained 1lb and last night at wi i lost 3.5lbs so now im going down hill, it will be alot slower that cwp but this is a change of lifestyle not a diet.

i started cwp in nov last year lost 4 stone in 12 weeks then due to dr orders stopped and gained back 3 stone :( ive been on and off it ever since as i felt it was a quick fix but had not address the real problems of why i was eating. now i have sorted myself out im loving and enjoying what im eating and experimenting with all kinds of foods :D

i wont ever go back to cwp as its not right for me im not saying its a bad diet as i no its suits some people but not all of us.

good luck with whatever you decide xxxx
Reading this comments are really reassuring! I was on a VLCD a couple of weeks ago and was really scared by switching to slimming world that I'd put loads of weight back on if not more. But now I know that if I stick to it i'll be ok. Hate VLCDs! So happy on this diet! xxx
I have never been on the Cambridge diet and have always done S W. From what I have heard about the CD I think S W is far more healthy way of losing weight, and in a way that the whole family can enjoy as well. It is indeed a healthy eating plan for life, a change of thinking in the way you eat. You can eat so much too, you have three different plans to chose from to suit your own particular taste as well. Its a case of fill your boots till youre full of healthy food and watch the weight drop off.
I lost a stone on Cambridge diet after having my first son ( as a quick way to get things going) but it was the hardest 3 weeks of my life and I knew I couldn't sustain it. I had done sw before and decided to return as I was never hungry on it - and I continued to lose straight away.
After the birth of second son, I went straight back to sw. I know it may have been slower, but I know I'll be happier and find it more sustainable- and not be a social leper when invited out for a meal ;)
Thanks so much for all the info xxx

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