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Has anyone else felt a bit strange

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Since I got back on plan after new year, I felt great the first week, then last week, after going out for the Harvester meal, I felt really strange. Not ill as such, but tired in my body and my muscles ached beyond belief. Felt right out of sorts I did all week so wasn't doing plan last week at all, hence STS. I have been since yesterday as I seem to be feeling a bit better in myself now, but I wondered if anyone else has felt a bit odd after eating loads of Christmas foods and then getting back on plan. Do you think it could be my body having a bit of a detox thing going on, or is there more viruses going around I haven't heard off lol?
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I have felt unable almost to get back on track 100%. I'm not sure why. I'm now considering doing this slimathon and reckon that'll help me a lot. I've also taken to rereading the SW bibles!!!

Good luck x

Devon Dolce

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I've certainly been 'out of sorts' these last few days! I'm back on plan and that's all fine but I think there are a fair few bugs/viruses flying aroun at the moment. I've been tired, teasy and just not bothered about things these last few days but today seem OK again.

Stay safe and warm everyone xxx


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I haven't felt any ill affects since I started SW 4 days ago actually I've felt better, mind u I've ditched the wine lol. I suppose if you've been eating lots of sugary things you're body's going to crave it so might be better eating lots of things low in GI to keep your blood sugars level. But likes been said there is some rotten virusus going around at the mo could just be that.
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I was feeling quite tired and achy yesterday, and I started SW wednesday so I was wondering if it had anything to do with it, EE eats you eat a lot and I think maybe the thing it cuts out is fats?
But then it could have been from the 2 sugar free red bulls I drank to try and stay awake at work last night!:p


its a long road
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I have im so mtried and everything hurts i cant seem to find the motivation to do anything

its the first week in about a month ive been on plan 100% so maybe your on to something
Could be the weather. Everything was just so much effort and worry when there was so much snow on the ground, I just felt tired all the time. Also, walking around in the snow and ice makes you tense up, so does feeling cold. My shoulders were really aching.

Now it's all gone, and it is a lovely day today, and I feel so much better.


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im the same im sooo tired and weak and feel like i need a good chocolate bar to perk me up! I put it down to knackering myself with exercise


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I have been feeling a bit 'not quite right' and I could sleep for England at the moment - so maybe is it just my body adjusting to eating properly again...


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I've had a headache for the last 2 days but I put it down to having a cold. Maybe it's the toxins coming out of my fat cells. I have also been weeing more!


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The detox thing is a myth. You're body's more than capable of getting rid of toxins on it's own. You will wee more though because when you cut down calories the brain receives a signal to break down glycogen stores which leads to a production of ATP, molecules and water, which you then have to 'wee out'. Are you drinking plenty of water to compensate? Dehydration could cause a headache.

G: 10st10lb
Thanks peeps for the replies, I don't feel on my own now lol. I do feel a bit better today, but like Donnie, I could sleep for England and everything is an effort still. I took some wet towels out of the washing machine this morning and I could barely lift them (there were only 2 of them) my arms and shoulders ache so much. I sounded daft saying to OH can you put these towels in the dryer cos they are too heavy for me but they were! :confused: Oh well, what ever it is, I hope it soon goes away.
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Had really bad heartburn since back on plan 100% every morning i need 2 gavascone chewables (anyone know the syn value)