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has anyone else ..


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I did over Christmas, had some wine with dinner then a few beers through the day. The same went for visiting OH's family too but since then I've been trying to keep it minimal. My dad bought me some Baileys so I keep enough syns on a Friday to have a baileys but I'm trying hard to cut it right down.
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I am ok as long as I haven't been out drinking with friends.
Thank god it's not often we go out as usually I start the night off really well keeping track of what im drinking then once Im drunk I lose track end up drinking anything and forget what ive had by the next day oops !!! x


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I tend to avoid drinking unless I'm prepared to flexi-syn (and for me, alcohol flexi-synning is very flexible). I always start out with good intentions (single vodka, diet coke, 2.5 syns...) but before long I've lost track and been led astray by a glass (/bottle) of wine, and after one to many it's all 'screw the diet, I'm back on it in the morning!!' I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to a few sociable bevvies!


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my C tends to hold me up as an example when we have new members ( not actually, he's not that strong.. :) ), but this week he ticked me off a bit...
someone had gained a bit over christmas and it was all due to drinking and they said they were going to cut it out entirely..
he said that's what I did, but I don't drink.. at least not often and not heavy if I ever did..
When I was 18-20 ish I used to do the whole "bottle of vodka on a friday between mates" thing, but I never went to the pub etc...
I drank the occasional bottle of wine or 4 pack of beer over the years, but if it was once every 2 months on average that was pushing it..
I haven't realy drunk for the past 4-5 years..
A couple on christmas eve with the lads from work, a few at dads on christmas day ( not this year ), and 4-5 beers a day when I went on holiday abroad and that's about it...
The way he said it though made me sound like I was down the pub at 5 and still there at chucking out time...


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The trouble with alcohol, is if you drink at home you never have a pub portion (if you know what I mean) Then you get to the happy state, and it's, peanuts/crisps? Yes please, oh I'm thirsty, need a drink!
When I drink very little the weight rolls off and I sleep better. So this year I'm going to be a good girl and use most of my syns on food!


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If we're having a night out (drinking or not), I make sure there's something delicious ready for when we get back. Often that'd be a casserole of some sort in the slow cooker. Today I've put a beef shank in the slow cooker, and already cooked all the veg. I've done plenty for tonight and for Sunday lunch tomorrow, so I can enjoy Sunday lunch without the stress after my Zumba class tomorrow morning.

I'm limiting myself to one night a week alcohol. I've been 100% on plan, and keeping New Years Resolutions so far, so will be really cross with myself if I mess up tonight. Last night I managed to stick to diet coke, but then I was home by ten. I don't want to be a kill joy, but don't want to mess up my fitness / weight-loss plan either.
I give myself 70 syns a week and 35 of those are for vodka :p I have a half bottle (350ml) that I top up on a Monday and that's my allowance for the week IF I want it. I only drink when I'm watching movies with OH on a weekend but at least I know that if I finish the bottle on Friday & Sat (by being a bit heavy handed with the measures) then Sun will be a dry night! Tbh I haven't had a week where I've finished it all yet but I know that I haven't stepped outside my allowance. My downfall was over Xmas when I went back on to cans of Strongbow which I can sink at an alarming rate and at 7 syns a can they really aren't worth it! :eek:
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I usually go to the pub once or twice a week but I will have to change my drink choice to Vodka & diet mixer as dry cider is way to many syns. I will have to see if I still lose weight as its my first week - if not I will have to have a rethink.
Actually Strongbow is worse than I thought! :eek:

Sirrus Cider - 275ml bottle - 6.5 syns
Strongbow Cider - 330ml Bottle - 6.0
Strongbow Cider - 440ml Can - 8.0
Strongbow Draught Cider - 284 ml - 4.5
Strongbow Super Cider - 440ml can - 10.5

I'm counting vodka at 2.5 syns in 25ml which is a pub measure. That is right isn't it? I'd hate to be underestimating that as well!
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I've decided I'm having a drink tonight (well started already actually). I've got half bottle of Whiskey left over from Christmas so I'm going to have one or two (or three) singles. I've not touched a drop for 4 days so this will be a bit of a celebration :D I won't be having any more till next Saturday at least and I've hardly had any syns all week so I should be ok :)
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I'm probably quite bad, I do drink on Friday and Saturday evenings at home once the kids are in bed. Not to get plastered, just a couple of glasses but I allow for it in my syns and I'm good the rest of the week!

I'm not a chocoholic or anything so my Friday night glass is what what I look forward to!
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I've had 3 single whiskeys and have now got the headache from hell, think I'll have a coffee, some pain killers and go to bed. On the bright side, I haven't used many syns :rolleyes:
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I usually have a bottle of wine in the fridge and drink it throughout the week. I bought a little measuring jug so that I can monitor the syns each night. Bizarrely I tend to lose less weight in the weeks when I don't have wine!

For a night out I just use Flexi syns, it only happens once a month at the very most so I allow myself around 50 syns for alcohol on that night (around 5 pints of guinness, but I've only ever managed to drink 3 and a half in one night) and then don't count the chips and cheese that inevitably end up buying in the kebab shop!! But as I don't go out drinking that often I don't worry about and just make I am good for the rest of the week.