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Has anyone ever found SW scales to be wrong?

Let me explain,

I missed a week at SW, so was 9lbs down as of week 4, then week 5 missed, last week was week 6 and I was a bit worried (but felt like I had lost weight) so sneakily got the nurse to weigh me at work, on nurses scales.... 6lbs down ! Which would have meant 15lbs in total, which is roundabout how I feel (and how my clothes feel)...

Got to slimming world 6 hours later, and their scales said I had gained 3lbs !!

So in total apparently I have only lost 6lbs ! How is that possible :-( I dont feel like I've only lost 6lbs, and the nurses scale has to be correct... right?

I left the class feeling completely down and confused about SW.

Has anyone else ever found this? I got the nurse to weigh me again the next day and the results were the same.
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Oh no how awful! no wonder you felt down!i have had this happen to me before when i weighed myself on my scales the day before my weight in and was 2lb down, then on WI i was 2lb up!!
I WI at home at the same time every week on same set of scales!
This is why you should always use one set of scales lol!!
Did you mention it to your C when you went??

If i was you i would either stick with nurses scales or SW scales

Well Im more inclined to stick with my nurses now, haha no wonder. No I didn't cause I don't usually stay for the class, my consultant is useless I've put in a complaint about her. They did have a problem with the scales this week so we all had to wait 20 mins to get weighed (dunno what the problem was) so maybe that was it....

I'm glad it happened to someone else too! Just seemed like 9lbs difference was so much.

Good idea about the same scales though, think I'm going to weigh myself on both scales on the same day every week.
Definitely stick to only 1 set of scales - although both were probably working fine, it's not unusual at all for 2 different sets to show big differences. Also, were you weighed at the same time of day at work, as you would be at your 'official' WI? Wearing the same clothes? All sorts of things can throw results off.

Don't fret about it - but do stick to only 1 set of scales, at the same time each week ;)


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all scales vary. i have digital scales at home and my weight changes by a good 5lbs if i move them half a cm!

the scales at my GP surgery are rubbish and the nurses ones look like they're from the 1950's! so i wouldn't rely on them.

having said that i had definately lost once and weighed-in at SW and had gained 2lbs. i think the scales were in a different position, but the consultant was adament that the scales were 100%.
Has anyone else ever found this? I got the nurse to weigh me again the next day and the results were the same.

Do you mean the nurses scales the following day still said you were 15lbs down, or that they were the same as the SW ones ?

I normally weigh myself every WI morning at home ... and what ever it says i am on my scales, i am always 1lb more when i get on the SW scales, that has been the trend for 2 months. But at my last weigh in i was 9st 6lbs at home, but 9st 9lbs on the SW scales not 2 hrs later :eek: ... I`d only had some fruit for breakfast. and was wearing the same light clothes i normally wear for weigh in ... so go figure lol ?

I`d certainly mention it to your consultants though hunny.
All scales are different so only stick to one set. I have my own scales at home, plus the wii fit and then sw ones at class and I weigh different on all of them.

The sw scales are very expensive though so would say that they are the most accurate ones.

It can be dissapointing when you weigh in and they are not what you expect them to be but if you are going to sw then only go by theirs. xxx
Using random scales as a one-off is never really a good idea.

My home scales are pretty much the same as the SW ones so I can get a very good idea of what my gains/losses are going to be. I wouldn't rely on any others.

Maybe there was a problem with the SW scales - is there another class near you that you could go to if you dont want to wait another week - I dont think you will have to pay again?
My home scales and the SW scales are always different, even if I STS on my home scales I could've had a loss at WI. I'm trying ever so hard not to weigh myself at home but the suspense before WI kills me!
you should always use one set of scales only for weighing. Using different scales is always going to result in disappointment, for one they will be a different model and probably calibrated completely differently, so it is not unusual to get completely different weights on two sets of scales.

Ones are doctors surgeries etc I find are really unaccurate and are very rarely adjusted. I always weigh much lighter than I am when getting weighed there.

I would stick with what the slimming world ones say, if your weight is drastically different on them next week, then you will know they were probably off last week.

It is also not unusual for weight to differ at different point of the day too.
I shall check with my C tonight but I think the SW scales are calibrated monthly to ensure accuracy. Will find out. They are however, a piece of machinery, and thus it is theoretically possible for them to fail. Did any other members of your group register a disappointing result that week that they werent expecting?
I stopped weighing at home because my scales always said different to the slimming world ones.

Something I have wondered about is whether the s.world scales could show different results at a different place?

I went to my consultants group at a different place and had a half lb loss when was thinking would have lost more the following week I went to my usual place and had 3.5lb loss when hadn't had that great a week, then weighed at the other place again last week and had gained 2.5lbs (which could of course be due to xmas) but am wondering what this weeks weigh in back at my usual venue will show.
5 others from the usual place had also not lost last week, didn't speak to anyone else from the usual group, will be interested to see how us lot get on though this week!
I think scales are just evil wherever they are ;)
can't be self calibrating.. can be self zeroing though..
you need a known weight to calibrate them

these "nurses scales", were they digital or analoue?

I do think that the position of the scales affects how much they show..
ours get set up in several different places and when it's in one place I ususally have good losses, in the other I don't... but I'm not sure that's not just coincidence..

my scales at home are 3lbs down on the SW ones though..

ask your C to see a recent calibration certificate for their set.. they should get them done once a year surely..
When I went to ww the leader regularly told us to never ever even consider getting on other scales, as they just wouldn't be right! She said theirs are calibrated every 6 weeks, I am not sure about sw though, the C has never mentioned it.

To be honest, whatever the scales say, if you are genuinely feeling in your clothes that you have lost more, than take comfort in that. Really thats more important than what the scales say. If you have lost 15lbs as per the nurses scales, then chances are you have dropped a dress size, or close to it. If you have lost 6lbs, as per sw scales, then you prob wouldn't really notice much difference in your clothes, maybe just a slightly looser waistband.

It will be interesting to see what happens next week!

On a slightly different note, you mention you don't stay to class. Is there any other classes you could try with a different C? Its an expensive wi if you don't stay, and tbh maybe you should just have the nurse weigh you regularly instead if you really don't want to stay to class!

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I feel so lucky! The scales at SW are always at least 1.5 lighter than the scales I use to weigh myself on Wi morning!

It's best to stick to one set of scales though, I'm off to touch some wood :p

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