Has anyone experienced bad TOTM whilst on LL?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by slinkytobe, 1 March 2007 Social URL.

  1. slinkytobe

    slinkytobe Full Member

    :cry: :) :mad: :jelous:
    This faces above represent all my feeling during TOTM.

    My moods were up and down like a yoyo. They were really bad this month. Not only did I experience mood swings but they also lasted quite long. Well 1 week which is quite long for me and they were very heavy. I don't know if it's because my body is trying to readjust to the weight loss or if it's just the beginning of things to come with getting older and that?
    Anyway, hubby told me to warn him next month so that he can get the suit of armour out!
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  3. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    I am on the pill but have had some breakthrough bleeding so yeah a bit weird...
  4. skinnyjan

    skinnyjan Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Well not had TOTM yet but I reckon I 'm having the worst PMT in years... :(
  5. jenna113

    jenna113 Full Member

    hi there

    my first week of LL my period came..and it lasted a week. it usually lasts 4 days plus it came a couple of days before.....so yes, LL does affect TOTM.

    re. mood swings..im having them a lot even if im not with TOTM. i think it takes a couple of months for it to settle down.

    blame it on the hormones, dear...we all pass tru it

    keep the faith!!!
  6. Cake'n'eat it

    Cake'n'eat it Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Mine has been dreadful. Not so much moods but a couple of extremely heavy days each month leaving me feeling like the half-dead. I am now in week 2 of management and there has been no let up. I hate periods!
  7. mags1x

    mags1x mags

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    Bit of this bit of that
    I have a theory about this, which my doctor agrees is possible....

    My cycle was very erratic before (when I was trying to get pregnant) anything from 26 to 100 days was fairly common.... If you can call only having a few per year common lol!

    Since I lost weight, I am on the mini pill so I'm not supposed to bleed at all but I have been. I think its my hormones returning and my body trying harder to work and my doc says its possible. It should all settle as our weight does.

    It is possible that your body is trying to work better too and more hormonal stuff is happening because of that, even though you were unaware before of any problem.

    I blame my weight on taking 2 years to conceive my daughter.

  8. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    I have had totally regular TOTM all my life (every 28 days belive it or not), but had my first one on LL this week- started 4 days early and lasted into today (5th day) instead of my usual 3. Everything in our bodies is so inter-dependent so I suppose it is not surprising that TOTM is affected by this kind of diet. Really pleased not to have retained gallons of water though!
  9. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    hi yeah mine was weird, i am on the pill but i came on really early this month, wansnt due on till thursday but it come and suprised me on monday. i think it may be down to the crash dieting and opur body need time to get used to it.
  10. Goombagirl

    Goombagirl Full Member

    I must be lucky - my periods haven't changed at all but my PMS (which starts at ovulation and lasts for a fortnight) is loads better! However my breath really smells first thing in the morning before I get to the mouthwash so I haven't avoided unpleasant side effects altogether.
  11. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    My PMT has been out of control, lasting for two weeks and some total irrational behaviour - my poor daughter and husband:eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    i know exactly what you mean, my breath is worse than the dogs and im suprised my hubby hasnt filedfor divorce yet, poor sod!!
  13. skinnyminny

    skinnyminny Full Member

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    I have notice that my cycle is totally out since starting LL - I am usually fairly regular but last few months have been later & later. However I usually suffer very badly with pain during this time & it has eased quite a bit since LL. My mood swings however are another matter I am downright awful and ravenous - so it is a fairly bad time for me. I had not noticed bloating much and my weight lossess have been ok depsite TOTM but this month the scales have hardly budged and I think it will affect my weigh in on Wed.

    Aw well as long as it comes off I can cope with a low one now & again.
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