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Has anyone gained in their first week?

This is my first week on SW and I'm just learning the ropes. I'm following the green plan as I'm a veggie. I've been eating much more healthily but I think I've overindulged on the free foods and my home scales agree! WI is on monday and I expect a gain or an STS. Has anyone else had a less than successful first week?
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My cousin did. She was miscalculating some of the syns she was having so she put a lb on the first week. Dont be too disheartened if you do gain or STS, it can take a couple of weeks to really get into the swing of things.
Thankyou Madame,

For the second time tonight you've made me feel better!


I'm just praying I lose a solitary single pound...:wave_cry:

I had a gain of 1 lb in my first week, but then went on to lose 5 lb in my second week. :D

Stop having a sneaky WI.!!! If your WI is Monday, it doesn't matter what the scales say now, just what they say on Monday!!!!!

Good Luck for Monday !!!!
Thanks Lonestitcher! You're quite right - I shall resist the dark side (my scales). Out of interest, did you do anything different in your 2nd as opposed to your first week which explains the weight loss? I'm a newbie so be dead interested to know...

I have and I too was miscalculating the number of syns I was having. Once I realised and corrected it I had a great loss the next week.
Thanks for that Arcadia. I'm going to double check my syn values...

Good Luck, I am sure you will be fine! You may feel like it's not working on the 1st week but you may be pleasantly suprised :) xx
I hope you're right SarahandMolly! I'll be sure and keep you all posted...It's just that sometimes the plan looks almost too good to be true. I did weight watchers last year and that was really tough. Am loving SW though :D!
Weight Watchers is all about weighing and measuring though. SW isn't! Thats the good thing about it :D I am sure you will be fine x
Yeah, at WW everything has a points value even fruit, and veg like peas for goodness sake! Life's too short to be counting peas, that's why I love SW:)! Just hope it pays off on the scales...

My first week I STS :(

I was totally cheesed off as I had stuck to plan 100% BUT I didn't give up and I lost 2.5lbs the following week. Since then I have averaged about 1lb a week which is my aim anyway as I should get to target for my holidays :airplane:

Maybe the week before you knew you were going on a "diet" and finished the last of you chocolates/biscuits/crisps etc and that may have "caught up" with you.

Good luck :)
Hi Clambertina

You're right, I did pig out prior to, in fact on the day of, starting SW. Yes, it could really have caught up with me...

Ah well, I'm not gonna give up, even if I have messed up my first week. Tomorrow is WI day, so we'll see...

Wish me luck!


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