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has anyone got/recommend a vibroplate

they are great.there are lots around.
apparently they all do the same job,however much they cost.
just make sure you get one thats suitable for your weight.
you can do loads of different execises on them too to tone up certain areas.

caren has quite a big one and has had great results with that.think it was £170.
i'll see if i can find it for you x
thats the one caren has.
mine i got from next for £99.
i needed something a little more compact.
also check out ebay
hope that helps.
I've been looking for one to go along with the treadmill thats on its way but they all seem so big and space is a premium for me.

Did see one only used twice on Ebay fpr £45; thing is it was in Leeds (i'm in North Norfolk) :eek:
thats the one caren has.
mine i got from next for £99.
i needed something a little more compact.
also check out ebay
hope that helps.
I've just looked yours up, think I might have to do some sweet talking! 19inches in three weeks. yes please!


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tuffy is your one the yellow based one? and does it make alot of noise? if your answer is YES and NO then I am getting one lol

First I might need to butter up the man who thinks he makes all the decisions lmao. Well I make him think he does anyway :D
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yep i think its worth it.i read a few reviews on it first and they were positive so went for that one.
really good price for what it is.
yes its the yellow one hun,
it does make noise,not horrendous but i use mine on wooden floor so not sure how it is on carpet.
i'd not used one before so don't know how noisey they are anyway.
maybe if you have used another one you may not like it but i was a vibro virgin and think its great.especially with the twist bit on x
Tafflass, does it take up much room for storage? and is it easily moved (i'm thinking if its vibrating its gotta be pretty heavy otherwise you'll be dancing across the floor in it) :banana dancer:

so now wondering how easy it would be to put in cupboard as space is at a premium
yeah thats why i got this one.its so much smaller than some.
its not heavy,i can lift it with one arm.
when your body weight is on it,it will stop it moving around.
basically,the twist dic fits my feet on then theres just the yellow bit around that.the pole in front comes up to my waist(ish).
will easily fit in a cupboard.dont think any of the others will though x


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Thanks tuffy I think I will get one :D
I pretended to persuade my husband lol It is sooo funny to see me pretend that if he says NO I wont get it.


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Tafflass, I'm loving the results you've had on this vibro plate. How often do you use it and what type of exercises do you do?
honestly i just stand on it and do not alot.i twist on the disc mine has to shape my waist,hold on to the bar and watch telly lol x
i do this 3 times a day on a 10 min programme(thats all mine lets me do).
mines not big enough to do the extra exercises that the larger vibro plates allow you to do.
i dont mind coz its worked great.well at least i think its that but i could have just been due to drop the inches after doing LT anyway.
it cant do any harm using it and i'm gonna continue with it(though maybe just do 2 sessions coz its hard fitting 3 in now kids are in school and i can go out)x

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