Has anyone here never ever never cheated on a VLCD...


Dreaming of being slim!
Just wondered really.
I m on day 2 of the CD and am coping quite well although yesterday was one of the hardest days I have ever had in my life!!!! I have peed on a stick just now and it seems I am starting to go into ketosis already. Probably why I feel quite good :)

Anyway-I am trying not to focus too much on the future and just to focus on the day that I am on else I get depressed about things. Like not having a chippy or a chinese or a toasted cheese butty for months and months and months!!!! Or how hard it is going to be for the next 6 or so months.

So, my question is, who has ever cheated? I am not by ny means planning to but I am curious at your stories.
How bad was the weight loss that week? Did it knock you off target as such??
I am not planning to cheat(not that you plan it I suppose) as £33 a week is a hell of a lot of money to me and its last chance saloon for the weight now.

Ta for replies in advance :)
I did have a blip and ate a sandwich a while back....it knocked me out of ketosis and I only lost a pound that week.....I have certainly learnt my lesson and will not do it again.
A friend of mine in Ireland is on it for about 24 days now and hasn't cheated once. I know that's not long in the grand scheme of things.

I've been on LT 7 days and didn't cheat - and I went to the pub tonight (sparkling water) and to a whisky tasting in my friend's house (with pizzas). I smelled each glass of whisky, had a black coffee and a black tea and my water and ignored the pizza. :) Feel better now I'm home!

Hubbie, however, is like a bear with a sore arse this evening. I'm starting to think this diet isn't for him. Perhaps going onto maintenance might work - he's still in the mindset that he feels hard done by if he can't have something to eat. I think he just went on this with me because I was doing it. I don't think he thought it through. :(

It was cool to have his support this week, but the weekend's hit him really hard and it makes it more difficult for me when he's grouchy and moaning because he can't have food. Yeah, sure, I'd love a slice of pizza, but I'd also love to be able to look down and see my bloody feet again without having to lean forwards!
I'm on day 92 of LL and can honestly say i have not cheated, i've been very tempted at time especially over the xmas and new year period but i didn't give in. Losing the weight was far more important to me than the food. Don't get me wrong i don't judge anyone that has a slip up at the end of the day we are only human!.....

Good luck with cd hun and remember to just take each day as it comes, if you do slip up don't beat yourself up, if you don't have a slip then give yoyrself a great big pat on the back.....:)

(just noticed i can edit this....he he he)

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I did 154 days on sole source without cheating once, the reason was I was so damn scared if I got off the diet what if I couldn't get back on and I used that "fear" to stay on the diet and finish what I started.

Saying that I see loads of clients who have blips and still go on to lose loads of weight but I didn't trust myself so thought that best option was total abstinance.

I stayed 100% for 51/2 months I was so close , and events came up
so I ate.I went off the diet more or less without following maintance and didnt stop I have found it so hard to get back on , I have put on alittle weight [not much]
But I am back 100% until the end.
cheating makes it hard, staying 100% makes it easy take it from me.
good luck:)
Icemoose those are my fears!!!
Hi I did CD for 3 and a bit months and stuck to it 100%, I was exactly the same as Icemoose and knew if I strayed that'd be the end for me. I just put my head down and knew that as I wanted to lose 3 stone the end date was always in sight, which helped enormously. It was a small price to pay, to commit to it 100% for the wonderful rewards.

I tell my clients that if they can commit and stick to it, it makes the whole journey a lot easier. Yes some people do take a small break, for whatever reason, and then just pick it back up and carry on again, but there are others who really struggle to get back on it again and regret the fact they had a break. Is it worth taking that chance is what you have to ask yourself.

Go for it Big-pudding and become a little pudding :D You're right to ask though, it's always good to know about these things in advance, it may just help you when faced with a difficult temptation.

All the best
I've thought about taking a break, but I can't get my head around. If I take a break, I can't just go back to eating the way I used to, because that will mean that as soon as my dieting is done then I'll fall back into the bad old ways immediately.

If I take a break and refeed and then go onto maintenance... well that's not really a break is it? That's the final stages of your diet.

No breaks for me. It's too scary. :(
Same fears as icemoose.....fear of never being able to do the diet once i fell of the wagon!
I started on teh 7th oct and have never cheated once. Mind you I am doing 790, so I do get to eat. However, its a small meal! And makes it harder sometimes as you feel hungrier afterwards!!!!!!!! Especially when it is cold.
I ususally find smelling food curbs my urges, yes thats weird.
i never cheated on cd while i was on it, partly cos im so stubborn and partly cos im too tight to pay out all that money and screw it up, i wanted to be able to say i had given it 100% and i did, im aware though that although it was easy for me to not cheat it isnt so easy for others and like mike i also was scared i wouldnt get back to it,
I started LL and i can honestly say since nov 7th i havent cheated once...my 100 days is 15th Feb...and i really want to do maintainance but i have 1st 2lb to go...and dare not stop abstinence until i achieve that!
I started LL on 20th September and have lost 5 stone 3 pound and have never cheated. I feel a bit of a goody-two-shoes in our group as everyone else has cheated BUT I am determined now I have found such a fab diet. I also can't afford to muck about at £66 per week !

This time I am gonna be slim, hurray !
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The only advice I can give is NEVER cheat. Whilst I know some people can get straight back onto it no problem, I've not been one of them. I lost 3 stone on LL in 2005, took a break and spent the whole of 2006 restarting and stopping CD, losing and regaining the same few stones. I can honestly say that coming off it the first time was the worst thing I ever did!! I'm, back on CD 790, and I've dragged myself kicking and screaming to do this this time as I can no longer afford to keep messing about like this! I refuse to stop the plan until at goal, and hopefully this will turn into a success story.
I've wasted soo much time, energy and money on this! Please stick to it the first time round!

Much love, chelle xx
i started for a week, thinking i wouldnt crack over xmas but i did and had 2 weeks off, regained the 11lbs i'd lost then lost it again with more besides, then took off another long weekend for my 30th birthday. have now completed my 1st week with a new cdc (the other one wasnt much use and she became "uncontactable")

it has been really difficult to get on track this week by stopping and starting twice but i feel fine now and know i will stay 100% with this new CDC. shes much better and more motivational.

my advice is, its just not worth cheating. if i had kept going from the week before xmas, i would be 2ish stones lighter now and not only 8lbs lighter.

i hope u stay on track.