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Has anyone NOT lost weight on Lipotrim?


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I'm not trying to bring a negative vibe to this seemingly wonderful diet- I just want to be aware of the pro's AND cons of it if that makes any sense?
I see some of you have had no loss some weeks- can I ask, was there any reason for it, or was it just one of those things? Or have any of you tried it and not lost in weeks 1-2? I only ask because I've tried everything else- healthy eating, portion control, exercise, no processed foods/takeaways etc. etc. and nothing has worked- my dietician & GP are baffled, so I'll be amazed (& completely thrilled) if this worked for me- but I want to know of any possibility that it might not work for me as well?
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I'd be amazed if anyone didn't lose in the early weeks of this diet! If it's done properly, it is impossible not to lose weight. The body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain the weight. The heavier the higher the amount of calories. -And even if you were completely stationary the whole week you'd still lose on this.

I'm like yourself, I've tried everything to no real success-I have never had a bad weigh in when I've flollowed the rules precisely -and sometimes even when I haven't! ;) ;)


A little of everything!
The 'average' weekly loss seems to be around 3lb? Does this sound reasonable?


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This diet really is amazing!
They say on average a woman loses 1st a month :)
I was like you, tried most diets, even tablets from the doctor then heard about LT - i do next to nothing exercise wise (except for maybe an hour a week on the wii fit) and so far have lost just shy of 2st in 5 weeks - like blackrose said - its almost impossible for someone to lose nothing if they are following the diet correctly. i.e - drinking atleast 2 litres of water a day and having no food except your shakes :)

Are you considering this diet then?
To be honest with you, I find 3lbs almost disappointing because of how extreme the diet is. But as long as it evens out as a stone a month then we haven't been lied to. Still, if WW can deliver a 2lb a week loss I want LT to be at least double. Of course we can never dictate how our body's are going to behave from week to week but I personally always hope and pray for at least 4lbs a week lol. It can be really hard with a lower loss to tell yourself after a week of starvation that 'a loss is a loss'.

That said, -you are spot on, 3lbs does seem to be the average and it's still pretty good when it all adds up at the end. But usually I think a steady week of regular shakes and plently of water and perhaps some decent activity where possible usually brings better results than even 3lb.


A little of everything!
Thanks for the replies! Yes, I'm definately considering this diet. I've just had my annual medical (plus annual 'do you know you're obese' lecture!) so will get the results of that on Tuesday. I've posted another thread about helping me to decide that'll explain my indecision better!
After months & months of losing nothing, 3lbs a week seems like a 'dream' loss iykwim? Do 'heavier' people tend to lose more weekly, or does it average out I wonder?


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Yes, the more weight you have to lose judging by others on here the quicker it comes off - but that being said, it will gradually slow down as you get lighter and lighter :)
Hiya - I find it incredibly difficult to lose weight - yet I lost 11lbs my first week, and have then had various losses of between 2 and 5lbs per week. I personally think that some weeks we lose inches and others we lose pounds. I was really disappointed that I only lost 2lbs last week, yet the week before was 4 and the week before that was 5. I really can't complain about that, can I? The average is supposed to be a stone a month, which is an absolutely fab weight loss for anyone. I also think it's bizarrely easier to eat nothing (apart from the shakes) rather than to have a smaller portion of what everyone else is eating, or sitting there with a salad while everyone else is tucking into a curry!!! Good luck - give it a go and gratefully accept any support you get!!!;)


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I also think it's bizarrely easier to eat nothing (apart from the shakes) rather than to have a smaller portion of what everyone else is eating, or sitting there with a salad while everyone else is tucking into a curry!!!

I totally agree - thats how i knew this diet was for me! I am an all or nothing person, if i ate i would binge and if i dont eat i am fine! but i knew not eating anything was an eating disorder and no good to you so these shakes are a blessing!


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Hi I have a very slow metabolism. I have done ww before and lost 1/2 pound one week and nothing for 2 weeks then 1 pound. It was soul destroying!!! When I did it I exercised (power walked 1-2 hours 5 days a week) and never added the extra points onto my points!!!!

The first time I did LT I lost just over 3 stone in 9 weeks!

I am also not good on control....and so this suits me. I don't have to exercise any control on portions etc. I just drink my shakes. I don't have to cook or organise myself. Just drink a shake! Couldn't be simpler. Suits me anyway!


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Oh meant to say....although I am sure you did the math yourself but I averaged 5lbs a week!!!!! How cool is that!

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im the same i knew i had to take food out of the eqasion to get any were because i just cant diet for long but LT is the answer because you are not worrying what you can and cannot eat you just dont eat


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Yep - thats the most easiest part i think sparkle!
knowing i cant have anything is much easier than knowing i can eat! strange, but true lol


Here we go again!
Got to agree with you Summergurl. Having no food is easier than having a little food. I also had to take food out of the equation if I was to be able to battle my food demons. I think it's worked as well cos I don't crave anything that I thought I would and look forward to healthier, fresher food. Can't wait to be able to eat again but also very nervous about it in case I mess it up.
thats the key to this diet you know what you are going to eat every day its so easy. no worrying about what to eat.
You mentioned people who don't lose weight on some weeks. It could either be they have cheated in some way, perhaps are constipated or maybe it is the time of the month. Other than that people do lose. I have tried so many times to get back on Lipotrim. It is never as easy to restart as it was starting for the first time. I have two weeks worth of packs at home but I can't bring myself to take them so I am low carbing with food instead. If you do attempt Lipotrim, stick with it because restarts are so difficult.


A little of everything!
You mentioned people who don't lose weight on some weeks. It could either be they have cheated in some way, perhaps are constipated or maybe it is the time of the month. Other than that people do lose.
Ahhh...that makes sense? Are there any tips to avoid constipation (apart from plenty of water?)- I'd be prone to it but have a very high fibre intake at the minute which works?

I'm a bit weird in that I don't have a problem eating less- I never have. I've yo-yo'ed for YEARS and I think thats whats caused my lack of loss? If I'm told to eat 1000cals a day, I can, or if I'm told to eat 2000cals a day, I can. I've been told to try these 'solutions' by my dietician, and neither worked- I didn't lose 1lb! The re-feeding wouldn't be a problem at all as I'm used to eating small, healthy meals over the past year or so, and have more or less lost my taste for takeaways & junk food! So if I got to target (a dream at the minute!) I think I'd be able to re-introduce food slowly without any 'harm' being done?
It's hard to believe anything will work after all I've tried so far!
I also thought that NOTHING would work for me. I always ate healthily (apart from the odd curry), don't particularly drink much and have always done plenty of sport and was at my wits end before I went on Lipotrim. I can't always say it's easy but it's also not hard for me. I'm trying to be really focussed about it, and don't even think of Lipotrim as 'food' any more - I see it as my 'medicine' to help me lose weight.

It's got to be your decision at the end of the day, but as a failed slimmer (Slimming World is excellent, but I only lost about a pound a week and it just wasn't quick enough for me) I would definitely say Go for It!!! If you've got quite a lot of weight to lose there just isn't the motivation when you lose 1lb a week - hell, you'd be on it for years before getting to target. This way, it's clinical but fast and effective.:D