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Has anyone sts in their second week?

Ok so I weigh exactly the same now as I did last week and I have my WI tomorrow night I know the difference between her scales and mine so I know exactlt what I'll weigh.

I have followed this to the letter and have had a really hard time of it this past week.

Anyway has anyone else stayed the same in week 2?

Emma xXx:cry:
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Fighting Demons....
Oh dear Emma, have we been addicted to the scales this week?

I shall tell you know, I have some lovely scales. They are digital and sometimes, they are very kind, and others they are not so kind! But one week, they weighed me the same as the LL scales, another week I was 2lb lighter on mine and another I was 6lb heavier (they were thrown behind the TV for 3 weeks after that one!). The ONLY scales you should go off are the LL ones. If you weigh yourself on different ones, be it the ones in your doctors, or at the gym, at home, or in boots, they are all bound to say different things!

I would pay no attention to them! Wait until you get to w/i.

However, in saying all of this, if you get to w/i and you have stayed the same, don't worry about it. I know it's easier said than done, and it is bound to be a dampener, but just carry one. At the end of the day, if you had been eating normally, you could possibly weigh more now! There are so many reasons you could sts. Like water retention, TOTM, IBS & constipation etc. . . .

In the meantime, be proud of your progress so far, get down the foodpacks and drink lots and lots of water!

B x

PS: My scales tell me I have lost 6lb so far this week!! I doubt it very much, we shall see on Wednesday if they are trustworthy or not! :rolleyes:


Guess who's back...?
Hi... THROW THOSE SCALES AWAY! (or give them to someone for safe keeping if I were you!)... I used to weigh myself at home in the early days and was always over the moon or bitterly disappointed at weigh in... remember, scales vary MASSIVELY, and weigh goes up and down by a few pounds throughout the day, so don't take it to heart.

I don't know anyone that has STS in week 2, but even if you do -don't panic - it will all work out - that's one of the joys of LL - you can have weeks staying the same/losing only a pound - but it goes in peaks and troughs (and it looks like you had a brilliant first week, so try and keep things in perspective.

If you have stuck to it, and are drinking your water - you WILL be losing - even if the scales tell a different story for one week... could just be water retention, or a whole host of other reasons. I am 99% sure you'll have lost though - keep the faith - and STOP WEIGHING BETWEEN WEIGH INS YOU MENACE ;) xxx A xxx
Thanks it's just so disheartening, my 5yr old had his bday party on saturady and I didn't touch a thing. I've had a few really tough days this week where I almost fell off the wagon (but didn't) so to not lose will be such a huge thing to me :(. Hubby says even if I am the same I should just stick with it and I agree really it's just so hard to not eat then lose nothing.

Plus I see the inlaws next week and they don't know about me being on LL yet and it would have been nice to say I lost this last week and this week i lost... if I can't I'll feel like their inevitable negative reactions will send me over the edge :(

Sorry for whinging.

Emma xXx
I know I know I'm putting them in the car boot as soon as hubby gets in, they're driving me crazy.

I'm slightly obsessive compulsive and this is one of my 'things'.

Emma xXx
Hi Emma,

I stopped worrying about what the scales said as soon as I started seeing a difference in my clothes size. My weight fluctuates hugely depending on what time of day I've weighed myself or what I've just had to eat (or drink - 3lt of water weigh 6lb!) - I ALWAYS weigh more at LL w/i's because I've been trying to up my water intake.

With that said, I did have two weeks where I only lost 1lb, then the following lost 9lb - largely down to water retention from constipation (sorry if TMI). Stick to the programme and you will be losing fat - if it doesn't show up on the scale, don't worry. It's still going.

If you absolutely have to weigh yourself at home (I didn't for the first 8 wks then caved and got some scales). Get a good quality set of electronic scales and weigh yourself at the same time each day - when you first wake up - before eating or drinking is a good time to get a more regulated idea of your progress.
Thanks ls I think i'm just feeling sorry for myself at the mo with it being such a struggle this week, again sorry for whinging everyone, have my WI at 6 tonight so no doubt there'll be more moaning then lol.

Emma xXx
You might be surprised. I had a week where I felt very bloated and cr*ppy because it was TOTM - I went to my LL office and said "I won't have lost anything this week"...when my LLC said "Why? Have you been cheating?" I said no, but I feel bloated and sluggish - however the scales still showed a 3lb loss.
Our bodies are all changing so quickly that it is often difficult for our brains to catch up. Just trust the programme and you can't go wrong. By week 5/6 you'll start really noticing a difference in your clothes and from then on it becomes such a breeze. Those first few weeks can be tough but they will fly by.

Good luck for W/I tonight! :scale:
Hey Anna it's not til 6, thanks for asking though :). I'm quite nervous been driving my husband mad lol.

Will either be on ranting or raving at about 8.30 depending on the results :p.
Emma xXx
yeah good luck
make sure you let us know how you've got on (i'm sure it will be fine!!)

Well I'm 2lbs down so thats 14lbs in 2 weeks. At firs I was like god only 2lbs but then I looked at the whole number and was like omg!!

Thanks everyone you really got me through the last 2 days :D

Emma xXx


Guess who's back...?
That's great FYM! Didn't think you'd have STS. Now - go to a supermarket and pick up two pounds of sugar... it is a pretty hefty weight, and it's GONE from your body! WOOP WOOP! And a stone in two weeks is fantastic!! It took me about a month to get to that - WELL DONE! xx
Thanks everyone :) had a bad week and was feeling seriously sorry for myself lol. Completely selfish head up my own ass week too anyway feeling a lot more positive now :)

Emma xXx

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