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Has anyone switched from LT to CD?

S: 15st6lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st2lb(7.41%)
My sister is on CD 810 (she chose not to go the sole-source route due to very active lifestyle and 2 small children) and is doing well on it. She is visiting for the weekend, and has bought some of her products. She knows I am obsessed with making my chocolate LT shake up with hot peppermint tea and has given me one of the CD mint choc shakes to try one day instead (138 cals and same nutrients, so I won't upset anything). The range that the CD seems to have is fantastic, and she said she pays less than I do for 21 servings.

Having googled for local consultants I have also found out there are about 3 within 10 miles of me, whereas currently I drive 20 miles each way for LT and can only go on a Saturday morning due to my working commitments.

I love LT and am very happy on a VLCD but am considering swapping to CD (don't worry Cle, I won't abandon you!) for convenience and wondered if anyone else had done this?
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(don't worry Cle, I won't abandon you!)
Phew! I was having a minor wibble just reading this!

I'd also be interestedin other people's comments on this too, as I'm fairly certain that if my DietBuddy changes, I will too in order to stick at it and at similar rates too.
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I tried it once, the tetra banana and chocolate taste really amazing! and are great for handiness. Wasn't keen on a lot of the other things thou, but i was happy with these. I did it for 10 days 100% but lost 1lb, which was odd, so assumed it just didn't agree with me.


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This is the first time I've done Lipotrim. I've done Lighter Life and Cambridge before, but not for a few years now. There is a lot more variety with Cambridge. You can buy the water flavourings and mix a mousse as well as chewy type bars. The diet is essentially the same as Lipotrim, but with more variety. They also do the 2 tetra packs in banana and choc. These are ready made up shakes and are very convenient for taking out and about. I also used to like putting them in the freezer and then taking out into a bowl and eating with a spoon. They are soft and smooth (well, most are, some can go a bit icy) as they start to melt and a bit like an ice cream block. Take ages to eat as well.

The reason I chose Lipotrim this time was because the supply from a very nearby chemist is far more convenient for me than where my local CD counsellor is. Plus, I don't have to make appointments to go each week to weigh. I can just turn up. I also quite like this time that I don't have a lot of choice. That one is hard to explain, but it's suiting me for now :) May need to ask me again in 6 weeks time lol.

For me though, if I could ever switch, it would be back to LL in a heartbeat. I just can't afford to though. I loved the group support over the 100 days, and the CBT was very useful for me. I'm drawing on it a lot now in this first week.

Good luck with your decision :)

S: 15st6lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st2lb(7.41%)
Well I tried a CD mint choc shake tonight (hot) and it was lovely, very similar to LT but mintier than I manage to make with my peppermint tea. The texture was somehow slightly creamier too.

Distance is an issue for me - I have found out that there is a consultant 4 miles from me; in fact, I have to drive past her every single night to get to the horses, so it would be really convenient. I have emailed her to ask if she does evening appointments but also a couple of other questions that actually I might get answers from on the CD forum here.

I'm sort of reluctant to stop LT as I really love it, but the convenience of the bars and ready-made shakes for lunches at work plus locality of the consultant is so appealing!