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Has anyone switched over ??

Hi Miss Bean, I would assume the losses will be the same, I do not know how many calories a day LT is but if it is 600 a day then the losses will be the same. I personally have not done a VLCD before and have lost 42lbs in 31 days and I would imagine if I had done LT it would ahve been the same.
Wow Mark that is such a big loss well done !!

I hope it is the same really, I lost 3 stone in 9 weeks on LT so hopefully it will be the same and then naturally slow down afterwards. I have 5 and a bit stones to lose so we shall see how long it takes.

Thanks for the reply.
Hi Cherise, looking at your goal date with 5 st to lose I think you should revise the date. 5 st in 2 and half months, not sure but I think that would not be possible and you will feel let down. Good luck though
Oh no I know I won't lose 5 stone by September, but I would like to be a lot lighter than I am now. I reckon I could get 3 off. Or I hope I can, that would be fine :)


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These are phenomenal weight losses you guys are talking about here - I've never done a VLCD before - is that just the norm or do you do loads of extra exercise on top of the programme?
Well Kaka,

I did hardly any exercise on LT to be honest, I did start doing some but I got bored. I think if I lose enough I will get my fiance to buy me a Wii and a Wii Fit lol :) Some people do lots of exercise others do little some do none, it all depends on you really.

I don't attempt any in my first two weeks anyway because of the slight lack of energy I feel but after that it's ok.

These diets are not easy at all! Take strong will and determination, and can be restricting socially but if you want a fast weight loss initially then these are the best. However I would really think about it before doing it. The first few days are difficult when you don't know what to expect, the first week is hard, but after that things should improve :)

Hopefully I have given you some idea of how things work x


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Thanks for that, amazing.
I did a lot of reading before starting Exante and it did talk about fab weight loss but I guess I thought it was too good to be so true as I'm used to plodding along losing a couple of pounds here and there.
I have taken it very seriously though and have had a great first week (first weigh in tomorrow) and apart from feeling a bit crampy yesterday (which I think was because I hadn't drunk as much water) I've felt good and woken up refreshed which is a novelty!
Cheers again x
Hi Kaka, yeah one does lose weight quickly but it does slow down, I was very surpised and 42lbs in 31 days has surprised the life out of me, but I am only losing about 6lbs a week now and am not complaining. Men lose weight a lot faster than woman so please do not compare mine to yours.
Cherise may I make suggestion, the money you are going to spend on a WII fit, spend on and exersise bike, or some kind of treadmill. We had a WII fit and after 3 months got rid of it. I for one have not heard of anyone who has benefitted from one. If I am wrong I apologise to those who it has helped. We tried it but it is just stretch stretch and more stretch, then step step and more stepping. The choice is yours though and if it works for you then excellent.
I was only going to get one because it seems more fun :) I have issues with getting bored. The only type of exercise I can really do is get on a treadmill and walk for hours on end listening to music. But I know if I actually bought the treadmill I wouldn't use it. I did join a gym to do 30 mins circuit training, 3 times a week but I'm not in Bristol till September so there isn't a point me being a member. Maybe I shall just go for a walk haha :)


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I totally agree with Mark re the Wii Fit - I dusted the cobwebs off mine the other day and it told me off as it hadn't seen me for 235 days lol! It is quite repetetive and there's no music with the step class so it's very boring.
I think the key to exercise is choose something you know you can stick to once the novelty wears off - I prefer just going for a walk, free, easy and you get to people watch!
Im doing that right now - going for a walk! Never hear of exante, is that like meal replacement shakes? I admire your willpower and weightloss - well done :))


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Well, Mark, I think without counelling you pay for is more appropriate as you guys on this forum seem to do a pretty good job as far as I can see x
Thanks Kaka, we all support each on this forum which I think is better than any counselling could ever do because the focus is on the counsellor instead of the group at the other places.. This place is a godsend.


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Hello Miss Bean,

I've just switched from LT to Exante this week (and I'm enjoying it so much more, I have to say).

Because I'm a total anorak on the quiet, I worked out a potential weight loss chart for LT and for Exante. (This is based on the number of calories I need to maintain my bodyweight, then calculating the calorie deficit and dividing by 3,500 to work out pounds lost). Because LT quite a bit lower in cals, the weight loss is a tiny (and I do mean tiny) bit slower. But I think I am more likely to stick with Exante because it is nicer and much cheaper!

In terms of exercise, if you can do some then start doing some because as we lose weight, we need fewer calories and the calorie def icit will shrink over time, slowing down weightloss. It's a great comfort knowing that every scrap of extra exercise I do is adding to my weightloss. (Wii Fit is fun and great for toning - but for calorie burning, you can't beat walking, dancing and swimming)

(If you have a shake, flapjack and soup on LT, you get about 500 cals and 45g carbs; if you have a shake, bar and soup on Exante, you get about 600 cals and 60g carbs)

Good luck all
Thank you skinnybyxmas :) That explains alot. I'm just gonna see what happens. I think being on LT last year made me realise that though I thoroughly love TFR I don't see harm in having some bits of food that are allowed and keep me in ketosis when I fancy them once in a while, say once a week or whatever. I feel that it is about understanding the need for TFR but also that actually there is no point in punishing yourself for wanting food. It's normal. I have had a sudden realisation lol.

The only real difference I suppose is the carbs, I doubt the extra calories will do me any harm as long as I start exercising. I must say I feel a bit stronger on this, not as weak or tired like LT. Still struggling with the thai chicken soup (same on LT), and the veg one was repeating on me. I love the tomato though :D Much better flavours and variety on here. It's worth the less money and the higher calorie content.

Glad someone understands the LT too, ultimately it's gross!!!

Thanks Again x