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Has anyone used Carb Blocker capsules?


On a mission !
Hi, hope nobody minds a quick question from a lurker!

I am back trying to do the Atkins again and 3 weeks in not in ketosis very strongly yet (only trace on the ketone sticks)

I bought some carb blocker capsules to try and maximise my chances of achieving ketosis better and I wondered if anyone here has used them at all to good effect?
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On a mission !
They're caps with alpha amylase (enzyme) that is meant to interrupt carbs from being broken down, they just pass through you without being turned into glucose (a bit like fat blockers stop fat being absorbed eg xenical?)
I have heard of them and often looked at them on the selves in boots .They were expensive enough so decided not to get but at the same time did wonder would they work and speed things up


On a mission !
Ok x I will let you know! I am in desparation mode with very wobbly resolve so I thought any little boost to help would be worth a try.
At the moment I am having a protein shake (4g carbs per go) for breakfast, something like an omlette for lunch and chicken with cauli/broccoli for tea with an atkins bar for a treat later.
I was hoping to stick to roughly that kind of day as I am managing to stick to it and it's liveable with if you see what I mean.
So I thought maybe these caps would help control what little bit of carbs are going in at the moment
I once tried Hoodia for a while - can't say I noticed a great change. And there've been times I lost more weight while only slightly in ketosis than when I pee'd purple. (you know what I mean...) ketones are ketones and it all means that you're burning fat so just keep up the work! Jeepers - your stats are amazing! Seriously well done! I think that calls for a WOOP WOOP!!


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am back trying to do the Atkins again and 3 weeks in not in ketosis very strongly yet (only trace on the ketone sticks)
hey Neen.... if the sticks are showing trace ketones it could be cos you are drinking plenty and weeing the ketones out or your body is burning them off. The darker the colour then you are dehydrated! Any sign of ketones means you are in ketosis.


On a mission !
Thanks folks x Thanks Vicky I thought I had to get the dark colours to show it was working at all!
It's been almost 10 years since I tried to Atkins so I am a bit of a dunce with what's what


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Sounds too good to be true to me. As Leanne says all diabetics wuld be on them and also anyone with PCOS. Keep an open mind and if you're willing to take the hit in your pocket give 'em a go.


Call me Linzi...
Hey Miss... good to see you!

I have tried them but you have to be religious about taking them exactly 30 mins before a high carb meal, I don't feel like they have done anything & they 'apparently' only work with higher carb than you'd be eating on Atkins anyway.

I tried Phase 2, DeCarb & White bean!!

Like V says if yr showing trace of ketones then yr fat burning baby... its a bit like a pregnancy test you either are or aren't theres no being a little bit. xxx
well done on your losses xx


On a mission !
Hi Linzi xx I have the carboslim and c-plex 60 I think they're called.
I was just taking them because I thought I had to be piddling purple !
I lost 6lbs the first week (which I'm pretty sure was water from TOTM anyway) and nowt the last 2..in fact my weight according to the wii is going up...so I am scared! But I feel great compared to when I was cal counting and I am sick to death of counting full stop! I don't mind having a food journal but I really don't want to have to weigh stuff and tot stuff up if I can help it.

Thankyou Mustdoit x

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