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Has your skin improved?!


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Hi troops, I've noticed lots of advantages of losing weight and healthy eating already, but one of my favourites is the condition of my skin! I never had horrendous skin (apart from as a zitty teenager!) but I've noticed a huge difference! It's gone so clear and I've had tons of compliments about it! I think it's a combination of drinking gallons more water, eating a lot more F&V and cutting out all the sugary, fatty stuff! Has anyone else noticed the same? And what is everyones' favourite noticable change?!X
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Same here with the skin...glowing :)
Also seems like my hair is not falling as much as it used to.
Increased Energy Levels too--OH thinks I'm on Red Bull!

Mrs V

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I have noticed this too, especially as I hardly wear makeup and still gets loads of compliments. The only time I get spots is just before * week :(, but I think I've got off lightly!
My favourite noticeable change has to be seeing my shoulder blades and hip bones!!! I actually have bones in my hips! Lol


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i've definitley seen a change in my complexion since being on SW - i'm only 2 weeks in and before i came onto it i did have a shocking diet :eek:


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No, I'm the exact oppposite! Never normally have spots but since I've started SW, I'm having about 3 new ones every day!!!! Whats going on?


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i was really spotty at the start of the diet, but now after the breakouts, its got a bit better. Im quite lucky, i seem to have good skin for my age! :D x


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My favourite noticeable change has to be seeing my shoulder blades and hip bones!!! I actually have bones in my hips! Lol

I can feel my hips bones too, but only when I do a handstand against a wall or a 'crab' so I can thrust my hips in the air whilst my fat bits sag in a different direction! lol

Seriously though, that it great stuff, you are right to me very pleased!!!!

As for my skin, mine is better, but I'm not sure whether to give SW or Boots No7 Intense Serum the credit....


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My skin is horrible at the mo, but that's possibly to do eaith giving up smoking, cutting down on booze and eating healthily. My body is in shock I think! ;)


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I can't believe I've had 2 spots this week at my age , I'm 59!