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Has your TOTM changed while on TFR?

Sorry if TMI but I was due on on Monday and I'm still waiting:(. I've been regular for the past 4/5 months every 28 days so this is unusual for me:eek:. Before I completely panic and run to buy a test just thought I'd see if anyone has been affected by TFR this way.
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Fret not my pet, I was over a week late this month and I AM NEVER EVER EVER late! 28 days exactly every month without fail. I nearly had a heart attack when I was looking at my diary and realised I was late, I hadnt noticed as I have been wrapped up in the whole LT saga!
me too!!! i wondered what was wrong!! and also very light for me? and it worried me? do u think its normal then ?
I'd say it is normal, our bodies are going thru a big big change!!!! I found that mine only lasted a 4 days as opposed to the normal 6 or 7 so I'd say its normal for us to be experiencing this :(
Thanx guys glad I'm not alone, not ready for baby no 5!!!
Hopefully mine will be shorter and lighter too, they are usually quite the opposite!
It's crazy talking to you guys about this, I'd normally keep this sort of stuff to myself. Thank you both x
Im so jealous, lighter and for less time.
mine are all over the shop too, only heavier and longer. I have taken at least a day off work each month for the pain.

I asked the chemist was this right because I had never felt pain like it and she said yeah its normal so i suppose i will put up with it ..... oh to be skinny!! :D
I'm having a related problem. I'm on the depo injection & haven't had a period in around 4 years. However they're back. Since starting LT I've been having breakthrough bleeds. In fact I'm really heavy this week & worried sick. I have the injections as my periods were so horrendous. I've fainted and been sick so Doc told me to eat for a few days to pull myself around.
Yeah LT messes with TOTM! I have the implant in my arm and wasn't having any periods and since starting LT have had a period every other week!!!!! FED UP NOW!!! lol. But I'll suffer to get to a healthy weight lol.


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yes I was one of those that bled nearly all way through the eight weeks I was on LT, but it soon went back to normal afterwards.
Got 2nd this month already, wouldn't never guess it's "thanks" to LP, as it's only my day6!
Me too!

I hadn't had a period since Sept because of a Mirena coil but I started one today which really caught me un-awares! Very relieved to see that I am not the only one that is having strange happenings!

At least we know that it's working I suppose. Not impressed with this side effect though - that and the dog's breath of course!:sigh:

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