Have a good weekend alll!! Song for the weekend!!!


The Diet Guy
Woo Hoo it's Friday which means it is the WEEKEND!!

Good luck to all those who are sole sourcing or generally dieting over the weekend and stay super strong and you'll have burnt at least a pound of fat when Monday morning arrives.

My song for the weekend --> Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Have a good weekend yourself Mike.
And a good weekend to everyone.
I have a busy on going to Kent today taking the train which will be fun,not been by train for an age.
Spending weekend with bestfriend,going Blue Water shopping later today,mmmmmmm Normal shops!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is the real reason I am away.
I am doing my CDC training at Maidstone.Looking forward to that but kind of scared as well,all shaky inside when I think of tomorrow.Can not wait.Just want it all to go well so that I can start to try and help people feel the way doing CD has made me feel.
I think we may have to do more shopping on Sunday mybe Dockside mmmmmm more Normal shops and size 14/16 clothesmmmmmmmm
Hope everyone going to Bootcamp a great time.
Wishing everyone a good,happy weekend.
My song for the weekend well can not think but just anything happy because that is how I feel happy healthy and slimmer.
Ah that song brings back memories of the last Vodka Frenzy Boot Camp! I think we all lost our voices afterwards (except MandyB2 - who sings like Janis Joplin!!)

Have a good weekend everybody!
1st week

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend .... when I come back Monday I'll have completed my first week and can't wait for weigh in time! :)

I like this thread ... my song for the weekend is: Bob Marley - Is This Love ..... dunno why but I'm feeling all happy and lovey dovey .... think I should rename it Is This Ketosis! lol!
I feel fab!!!!

Yes, Fridays are the best - especially at 5.00 (or 12.30 if I can finish early). Hope everyone has an great weekend, with very quiet fireworks (my dog hates the bangs).
My song for the weekend has got to be my pantomime number "We could have been anything we wanted to be" from Bugsy Malone.