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Have called it a day.


Surgically happy.
I managed 7 weeks, out of the 12 I had originally planned. What stopped me from continuing for the final 5 weeks, was a variety of reasons but the main one was being unable to bear the thought of eating even one more pack.

for the last 3 or 4 weeks I've only been able to stomach 2 packs - the choc shake and the nut fudge bar. The rest I couldn't swallow without feeling like I would be sick.

Anyway, the last few days, I've barely managed 3 packs. Only tasting "chocolate" for 80 or so meals in a row has taken a bit of a toll.

Discussed this all with the wife, as I needed to be sure it wasn't just me trying to finish early. We went through our rtm information, and have put together a 7 week plan, that is very similar to the first 8 weeks of rtm in principle, spirit and calorie intake/up shift pace. The latter 4 weeks arent an issue, as most of it, I don't intend adding much from those weeks this side of xmas.

I am 10lbs from goal this morning, and quite happy with that. I've lost 41lbs in 48 days.

(and hopefully my hatred for chocolate will extend to the real thing! I'd love to be cured of that!)
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Surgically happy.
Thank you ladies! And hello kw, long time no see! I hope you are well?

I think all told, I've lost 123.6lbs, I forget so often how much of an achievement that is! Now to ensure it stays off!


well done Andy on your massive loss, thats great
best of luck with the rest of your journey, you'll do it im sure
Hi there
Well done on what you have done - its so much harder second time round isn't it?
Good luck with losing the last few pounds
Daisy x


Surgically happy.
Thank you ladies.

Daisy, it's much much harder, far more than I expected. My little safety net of "i could just do ll again" is gone. It was made worse by issues that weren't ll related though.

hope all the other returners have an easier time of it!
Well done on your losses bro! I can see how hard it must have been to continue if you'd grown to hate the foodpacks. But with spousal assistance I'm positive you'll do fine.

I'm lucky in that I have 10 different packs that I like to varying degrees, though I can definitely see that number falling as time goes on.


Determined to succeed
Well done Andy and good luck getting the last few pounds off.