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Have decided......


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That chicken soup is not for me....

I decided to vary from the choccie one this week. I had 1 chicken (left over from last time) on my 1st week and it didnt stick in my mind as disgusting. This week I got 3 vanilla (just to try), a peanut flapjack (??mmmm??), 7 chicken and the rest chocolate.

Well choc is fine, on its own, with peppermint tea or more recently with 1/2 spoon of coffee.

Vanilla was a very pleasant surprise. Had 2 latte's with it and they were ok. Decided to try a 'frappe'; vanilla shake, spoon of coffee and loads of ice (sweetener to taste) and it was so yummy I will definately get vanilla again.

Chicken soup, well I got my supplies on Monday..... Had one Monday, ok, well maybe ok. Had one Wednesday.......mmmm maybe not. One today....Urghhhhh. Got to try and drink the other 4 but think I will hold onto them until a bit later when I get another salt craving.... It was the first time in 2 weeks and 3 days my hubby complained about my breath...... I wont tell you what he said but my breath must have been gross....

Thinking of trying some strawberry this week to see if my tastebuds have changed much!
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I got on better with the soup when I made it wth 450mls water and added black pepper & paprika. My favourite was vanilla though. x


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I have had it with paprika............... Tonight paprika wasnt enough so I added 1/4tsp of chilli powder, it killed the taste but I think its the texture of the hot drinks. I hated the choccie one hot too!!


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i absolutly hated the chicken soup one, i took 1 back to the chemist to swap on wed as i couldnt even stomache the 2nd one i had, managed half then had to throw the rest out as i would have seiously puked if i had any more of it.

maybe will try in again in a few weeks to see if i like it then. soubt it very much tho as i acctually feel sick thinking about the taste haha
Wasnt a fan of the soup before but kind of craving it a little this time for some reason lol

Going to have one tonight i think and see how it goes down


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Let us know how you get on with it Adam, It was a salt craving that made me try it again.........

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ooo I like the soup, but do find it doesn't fill me up as much as the others.


Here we go again!
Not a chicken soup fan here either. Had them in weeks 1 and 2 but after that just couldn't stomach them at all. Shame, cos at the time it was so cold, a hot soup seemed really filling and comforting.
Let us know how you get on with it Adam, It was a salt craving that made me try it again.........
I didnt have it in the end lol couldnt be bothered haha

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