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Have i really messed up?

Hi all, i have just finished my third week on LL, i have stuck to the plan religously and have lost 16lb, last nt however i was hungry for the 1st time since going into ketosis, i have to admit at about 22.30 i gave in and made myself a sandwich. I have woken up feeling awful about it and I'am worried i have ruined all the weeks hard work, do you think that is the case?:cry:
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Hi there
You have probably kicked yourself out of ketosis for a whila and may find you have put on a couple of pounds - but this is not fat, it will just be the glycogen going back on. It takes an excess of 3000 cals to put on 1lb of fat so unless you ate a couple of loaves you won't have done too mych damage!

the important thing here is to move on and learn from your mistake.
you can't afford to muck about when on LL - both financially and mentally.

its done, forget it - just don't do it again!

remember - this is only short term - you will be able to eat again, in fact you can eat anything you want to now but you are choosing not to at the moment so you can reach your goal

16lbs is fab, well done on your loss so far

daisy x

daisy x
Thanks Daisy, it was a really small sandwich, i have used the ketostix today and they show that i'am still in ketosis, as for the scales they are showing the same as yesterday morning. I'am so angry at myself.
remember how bad you feel next time you are tempted!

its done tho and it sounds like you have been 'lucky'

make sure you don't think you can 'get away with it' tho

you have to move on - get straight back on track and you will be at your goal in no time at all!

daisy x
Daisy i will not look at it like i have been lucky i'am thinking i could have seen lower numbers on the scales had i not have done it. I don't know what happened yesterday, like you say I'am going to move on and learn from it. Thanks again.x
Think about what happened that day that could make you want to eat something; if you were in ketosis at the time then you know that the hunger was not physical, so it must be mental/emotional; was it a stressful day, or were you bored, or tired........

Identifying the cause of the "hunger" is important as it 's the first step to putting coping mechanisms in place to deal with that mood/emotion/feeling that doesn't involve food.

Well done on the 16lbs, that's fantastic in 3 weeks! :)
Pete i honestly don't know how that day was any different, i haven't been hungry since about day 4, maybe you are right and i wasn't really hungry but it felt that way. It really wasn't worth the guilt i felt. I guess I'am not the only one to have done it, i have been lucky to stay in ketosis and hopefully i won't risk that a second time. Thanks for your words and hope your journey is going well.

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