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have i ruined everything?

right so

start weight was 12 stone exactly

began sole source and have been doing it for nearly 4 weeks

first week- lost 5 pounds

2nd week- was my birthday,cheated alot towards end of week-fri to sun and only lost

third week- lost 6 pounds

this is my fourth week and im finding it near impossible
on sat i was fine, sun day i feel crappy all day then at night start to feel sick, had a coke zero bt tht didnt settle me down. had to end up eating because i felt so nauseas. i ate grilled tuna with half a red onion- then find out cnt have red onion

monday feel like **** abt eating that onion,stil feeling really bad,tummy makin crazy noises so i had about 4 small bottles of coke zero

today- feel like crap abt coke zero,but havin it again today cos its the onli thing getin me thru.

am i gona lose no weight next week?
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Possible you have knocked yourself out of ketosis but it doesn't mean you won't lose this week. If you can SS for 4 weeks you have the will power to do it again. If it is simply too much for you then what about considering doing SS+ or810?


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Some people are sensitive to Coke Zero & it seems to be stopping you from getting back into ketosis. As long as you carry on having it you will keep having the cravings & your weight loss won't be the best it can be.

You haven't ruined everything but you've got a choice to make:

Either you've got to make up your mind and ignore the cravings and get back into ketosis. If you choose this way, you should quit the coke zero and possibly the bars if you have them and bash through the cravings until they go away. It's not fun, but if you want a ketosis program then you have to do it.

Or you have to make up your mind to move up to a higher level programme, eg. 810 or 1000 and come out of ketosis. This will give you a lot more flexibility
on your diet and you'll be able to have your Coke zero and a few other treats besides & still lose weight.

You need to make a decision & talk it through with your CD. Even if you do lose no weight this week you can soon get back on track.

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