Have i understood extra easy properly?


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So EE is basically free food from both plans on the same day BUT you only get 1 Hexa and 1 hexb. Plus you ought to be eating 33% or your intake as superspeed foods? And if I'm breastfeeding a 4 month old baby I would normally get and extra 4 hex's do I get the same number of hex's on extra easy. Maybe EE isn't for me as I shouldn't be losing too quickly to keep my milk supply for my baby.

Not sure EE was well named as I just can't get my head around it.
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A third of your food is recommended to be superfree (not superspeed) as in fruit and veg (not peas, beans, sweetcorn, potatoes, parsnips)

Yes you get one A and one B. Not sure about the extras for breastfeeding, I'd say yes but you'll need to confirm with your consultant.

I wouldn't have thought they'd take all the HEX's from you as you need them.