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Have to come off CD for a week, maybe 2 to get better :(


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I've been having problems with my chest, really severe pain, especially at night and had a blood test last week and xray for a partially collapsed lung, which came back fine. Monday just gone, I had to go back to doctors because pain was so bad, he told me to have more blood tests to see if I had a blood clot on my lungs. Was supposed to find out the results on Friday, but the doctor rang me late last night and said that the results were back because it was 'likely' I did have a clot and that a paramedic would be coming out that evening to give me an injection and then today I would have to go to the hospital to have a scan.

So I had the injection, then today went to the hospital, ended up there all day, had chest xray and scans for blood clots. Well, thankfully, they came back with no blood clots but that my liver is enlarged and I need more tests for that, and that I may have a stomach ulcer/severe gastric infection in my lungs and they gave me morphine injections and tonight I was sent home with a bottle of morphine and some strong pills to combat the gastric side of it.

The doctor said I have to eat properly whilst taking morphine. I know that I have to because I havent felt pain like this in a long time and it has been going on now for 3 weeks, this week being the worst.

So, I've got to come off the diet for this week and I'm going to have my packs but just have small meals as well, been looking at the book, especially the 1000 calorie plan but am not going to stick to anything at all, just going to eat when I need to and not worry. (this is what I keep telling myself) If I gain weight, then I do, I just have to take what happens, I dont want to end up in the hospital, it might take a couple of weeks to get completely better.

The morphine is really making me feel spaced out!
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You poor thing! Forget about the diet for now. Just concentrate on eating healthily and getting better, that's much more important.


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You do what you need to get well honey :hug99:
I'd forget about the diet for the moment, and take care of your health.

hope you feel better soon
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Hey hon look after yourself and get better soon.


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when i had morphine when i caught MRSA i too was so out of it so take care and i hope you feel better soon your health is more important then any diet once you feel better i know you will have the stength to go on you inspire me so much and i love reading your posts so know you have many friends on here rooting for you


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hi lilly, sorry to hear you are not well, take care and hope you feel better soon xxx


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Oh dear. Do take care of yourself. Lots of rest and some good healthy foods.

Enjoy the morphine. It's the biz :D


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hope u feel better soon being in pain takes its toll so make sure u take care :)xx
Hope you get better soon xxx
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So sorry to hear how poorly you have been, hope the morphine stops the pain you are feeling. You have done so well with all the weight you have lost and you know that his diet works ... you are doing the right thing in coming off the diet until you are better...... then you can go back on and carry on with your amazing losses. Wishing you well.

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