Have you decided what weight you want to be?


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My target weight- and how to get your GP on board?

I am aiming to lose 60lbs to get me to my target weight of just over 10 stone (so that my BMI is in the middle of the 'normal' weight range.)

It seems a lot but its only just over 4 stones to lose and judging by how successful most people are who stick to it, it should only take me (hopefully) about 14-18 weeks although I am aiming to get it off by the end of June so that gives me much more time. My LLC said this is very reasonable and there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to achieve it. I'm so excited about starting tomorrow, although I'm a bit worried that my GP wont sign the form thingy in the morning so I won't be able to start. Is there anything I can do to make him more happy about it if he does seem a bit unwilling?



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Not sure yet, I'm looking at getting to 10 10 but to be honest I'm going to see how I look and feel as I lose more. I have no magic number ...


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My first goal is 10.5 I don't think I can face anymore than 14 weeks and I should get there by then as long as I can lose 3.2 pounds per week ! However I really want to be be about 9.12 - I haven't been that since I was 18 !!!! so I am hopping that I can lose a further 7 pounds on maintenance.

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I'm going for 8 1/2 to 9 stone. At my thinnest ( a size 8 unbelievably) I was 7 stone 13 which I think is to low so I recon 8-9 achievable! Seems a LONG way away as I'm 15 stone!


As time is going on, I keep thinking about moving the target a little further on. I started at 18st 4lb (now 14st 9lb). My original target was 9st, but I may try for 8 - 8.5 st, as I am only 5ft 2in. Who would have thought it, all this positive thinking after years of being a fatty who had no life (never going out etc. etc.) I AM SO EXCITED!!!